Medieval Youtube: Anglo-Saxon Swords to Medieval Michigan

Medieval Youtube: Anglo-Saxon Swords to Medieval Michigan

Our roundup of videos posted this last month on Youtube that medievalists will enjoy!

Sue’s favourite Anglo-Saxon sword

Sue Brunning at the British Museum examines some shabby looking Anglo Saxon swords.

Before and After Halley: Medieval Visions of Modern Science

Dr. Marilina Cesario’s exhibit explored Medieval visions of modern science before and after Halley. Before and After Halley explores, for the first time, how medieval records of comets can be used to test the theory that our solar system may include an additional, undiscovered planet: Planet Nine.

Unsolved Tudor Mysteries

Untitled History Project talks about their top 5 favourite unsolved mysteries from the Tudor era.

The Byzantine sundial: telling the time in the 6th century

The Science Museum shows this 1500 year old artefact, which included both a sundial for telling the time and a geared calendar, driven by a dial showing the seven days of the week. Although only these fragments survive, evidence suggests that it may have been used to convert between a popular calendar based on the phases of the Moon and the official Sun-based calendar of the Byzantine Empire.

Transkribus system makes breakthrough in understanding medieval texts

Euronews piece on how artificial intelligence is being used at the University of Innsbruck, part of the EU’s READ project, to automatically transcribe previously unintelligible historical documents, and make the system available as a phone app.

Decoding art: Dürer’s Melencolia I

From Smarthistory – This famous image from 1514 is packed with meaning. Find out what each of these objects symbolizes, and how they relate to the overall theme of melancholy.

Cooking a Medieval Stew

English Heritage video – Kirsten makes a traditional medieval stew at the Battle of Hastings reenactment at Battle Abbey, East Sussex.

Medieval America, Episode 19: Michigan

This is an episode of Medieval America where Will is traveling the whole of the USA seeking out interesting sights and medieval things. In this episode he visits Michigan, and makes three stops: Curwood Castle, Frankenmuth and the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Peter Abelard: An Introduction to His Thought

The Medieval Reader talks about the famous theologian and philosopher Peter Abelard.

Medieval Taverns

From Simple History, a quick look at taverns in the Middle Ages

Testing Crazy Medieval Treatments

The guys at Good Mythical Morning try medieval remedies on how to clean teeth, including a recipe from The Trotula.

Top 10 Totally Ridiculous Facts About Medieval England

From WatchMojoUK, there list of the strangest tidbits from the medieval history of England

British Library Qatar Foundation Partnership

This British Library video talks about their partnership with the Qatar Foundation and Qatar National Library to create an online portal that improves understanding of the Islamic world, Arabic cultural heritage and the modern history of the Gulf. The portal provides a major bilingual resource for the history of science in the Arabic-speaking world, allowing researchers free and open access to previously undigitised British Library manuscripts. Learn more at http://www.bl.uk/qatar/

10 Things You Might Have Missed in the Bayeux Tapestry

And check out our video, showing 10 images you need to take a second look at.