The Medieval Magazine: Issue 43 – How to Murder a Byzantine Emperor

The Medieval Magazine: Issue 43 – How to Murder a Byzantine Emperor

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In this week’s issue you can read about Byzantine Emperors, Anglo-Saxon England, Fabliaux, medieval manuscripts and what advice a mother gave to her son in the 9th century.

How to Murder a Byzantine Emperor

An empire like Byzantium does not last for a thousand years without its own share of political intrigue. Many of its emperors would not go on to live full lives, for their position was often under threat by both external enemies and internal rivals. While an unlucky Byzantine emperor who found himself usurped could be exiled to a monastery (sometimes after being blinded or castrated), there are a handful of episodes where Byzantine emperors were murdered. Here are three accounts told by medieval chroniclers in vivid detail, in which the plot did not go as smoothly as the conspirators hoped, but in end resulted with a new man on the throne.

Getting under the skin of a Medieval mystery

A simple PVC eraser has helped an international team of scientists led by bioarchaeologists at the University of York to resolve the mystery surrounding the tissue-thin parchment used by medieval scribes to produce the first pocket Bibles.

Last Words from a Medieval Mother to her Son

‘If those who wound felt the pain of those who are wounded, they could not often wound with pleasure.’

‘Releasing the Story of Sutton Hoo’ project gets funding

The Snow Baby: A Cautionary Tale

Mosaic, wine presses, discovered in Israel

Read an excerpt from The Anglo-Saxon Age, by Martin Wall

and more…

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