Castle and Countship for sale in Italy

Castle and Countship for sale in Italy

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Castle Carbonana in the Italian region of Umbria dates back to the fifth century, when according to Papal records, it was built as a military post. Located a few kilometers away from the village of Gubbio, the owner of the castle is also automatically recognized as the Count of Carbonana.

The main part of the castle was built in the 14th century, but two of its towers are much older, with one dating back to the 5th century, and the other to the 10th. The castle has about 22 5000 square feet of living space on four levels, and its 37 rooms includes a chapel, wine cellar and dungeon.

Purchased by a Canadian businessman in late ‘60s and then resold to an Italian investor a few years ago, the castle has not been lived in for some years and now needs some maintenance and refurbishing work. Plumbing and electrical wiring are installed but not up to current standards.

The property comes with about 50 acres of land, that includes a small vineyard, olive grove and some fruit trees. A stone house (over 3000 square feet) is also on the property. Castle Carbonana can be remodeled into a hotel or tourist attraction.

The asking price for this castle is 8 million euros, as is — about $9.8 million — or 12 million euros ($14.8 million) restored.

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