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John Calvin Brewer

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John Calvin Brewer, the son of a foreman on a construction company, was born in Miami, Oklahoma in 1942. When he was two years old the family moved to Lockhart, Texas.

After leaving Lockhart High School he studied at Southwest Texas State Teachers College in San Marcos. He stayed for only a year before moving to Nixon Clay Business College.

In September 1961 he found employment at Hardy's Shoe Store in Austin. Ten months later he was made manager of the store in Oak Cliff, Dallas.

Brewer was working in the store on 22nd November 22, 1963. He was listening to the radio when they broke in with the bulletin that President John F. Kennedy had been shot. After hearing a news flash that J. D. Tippit had been shot nearby, he saw a man acting strangely outside the shop: "The police cars were racing up and down Jefferson with their sirens blasting and it appeared to me that this guy was hiding from them. He waited until there was a break in the activity and then he headed west until he got to the Texas Theatre."

John Brewer went into the theatre and spoke to Warren Burroughs, the assistant manager. Burroughs had seen him enter the balcony of the theatre. When the police arrived Brewer accompanied the officers into the cinema where he pointed out the man he had seen acting in a suspicious manner. After a brief struggle Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested.

Mr. BELIN - When you looked up, did you step out of the store at all?

Mr. BREWER - No; I was still in the store behind the counter, and I looked up and saw the man enter the lobby.

Mr. BELIN - When you say the lobby of your store, first let me ask you to describe how is.... how wide is your store, approximately?

Mr. BREWER - About 20 feet...

Mr. BELIN - All right, you saw a man going into what you referred to as this lobby area?

Mr. BREWER - Yes; and he stood there with his back to the street.

Mr. BELIN - When did he go in now? What did you hear at the time that he stepped into this lobby area?

Mr. BREWER - I heard the police cars coming up Jefferson, and he stepped in, and the police made a U-turn and went back down East Jefferson.

Mr. BELIN - Where did he make the U-turn?

Mr. BREWER - At Zangs.

Mr. BELIN - Do you remember the sirens going away?

Mr. BREWER - Yes; the sirens were going away. I presume back to where the officer had been shot, because it was back down that way. And when they turned and left, Oswald looked over his shoulder and turned around and walked up West Jefferson towards the theatre.

Mr. BELIN - Let me hold you a minute. You used the word Oswald. Did you know who the man was at the time you saw him?

Mr. BREWER - No.

Mr. BELIN - So at the time, you didn't know what his name was?

Mr. BELIN - Will you describe the man you saw?

Mr. BREWER - He was a little man, about 5'9", and weighed about 150 pounds is all...

Mr. BELIN - All right. After you saw him in the lobby of your store there, what you call a lobby area, which is really kind of an extension of the sidewalk, then you saw him leave?

Mr. BREWER - He turned and walked out of the lobby and went up West Jefferson toward the theatre, and I walked out the front and watched him, and he went into the theatre.

Mr. BELIN - What theatre is that?

Mr. BREWER - Texas Theatre....

Mr. BELIN - Well, would you state then what happened? You said that you saw him walk into the Texas Theatre?

Mr. BREWER - He walked into the Texas Theatre and I walked up to the theatre, to the box office and asked Mrs. Postal if she sold a ticket to a man who was wearing a brown shirt, and she said no, she hadn't. She was listening to the radio herself. And I said that a man walked in there, and I was going to go inside and ask the usher if he had seen him.

So I walked in and Butch Burroughs...

Mr. BELIN - Who was Burroughs?

Mr. BREWER - He was behind the counter. He operated the concession and takes tickets. He was behind the concession stand and I asked him if he had seen a man in a brown shirt of that description, matching that description, and he said he had been working behind the counter and hadn't seen anybody. And I asked him if he would come with me and show me where the exits were and we would check the exits. And he asked me why. I told him that I thought the guy looked suspicious.

John Calvin Brewer - History

Revolutionary War Soldiers


Located by the Daughters of American Revolution

OCTOBER 11, 1916, TO OCTOBER 11, 1917 - pub. June 9, 1918
65th Congress, 2nd session, Document NO. 241
Transcribed by Tina Easley

NOTE: This is not a complete list of all Revolutionary War Soldiers

The locating and marking of Revolutionary soldiers' graves is another work of the Daughters of the American Revolution, but carrying with it a great deal of labor, since accurate dates, location, names, services, etc., must be secured and identified before the D.A.R. markers can be placed.

The accompanying list of soldiers' graves is an addition to a similar list in the last report and shows the activity of the society during the past year. Those that have been "marked" by the society are so ind icated in the list.

Else Cilley Chapter, Nottingham, N. H., placed a memorial monument on Nottingham Square to the four generals—Bartlett, Butler, Ci lley, and Dearborn—who went from there to the Revolutionary War. This mon ument was dedicated on July 4, 1917. It has a Concord granite base with a Quincy granite pedestal and Westerly granite Minute Man.

Col. Thomas Lothrop Chapter, Cohasset, Mass., located the grave of a Cohasset heroine of the Revolution, Persis (Tower) Lincoln, daughter of Daniel and Perthia (Nichols) Tower and wife of Allen Lincoln, who was taken prisoner and died in Dartmoor prison. Persis ran the blockade from Cohasset to Gloucester to get supplies for relatives and friends which could not be obtained in Boston.

Adams, Andrew. Born 1735 died November 27, 1797 buried in West Litchfield (Conn.) Cemetery.

Adkins, Isaiah. Born 1760 died May 14, 1842 buried at Union Hill, near Mehoopany. Pa. He ranked as a corporal.

Agry, Thomas. Birth and death not given buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Hallowell, Me.

Allen, William. Died March 31, 1823 (aged 78) buried in Agawam Center (Mass.) Cemetery.

Alsop, John (private). Born 1743 died 1783 buried in Frederick County, Md.

Ames, Elisha. Born 1758 died September 26, 1845 buried at Mehoopany, Pa. Private in Massachusetts troops.

Anderson, Benjamin (private). Born September 13, 1766 died August 2, 1830 buried in Silver Spring churchyard, Cumberland County, Pa.

Anderson, Isaac. Buried in Valley Park, Montgomery County, Pa.

Andrews, Jonathan. Born 1756 died November, 1826 buried at Pleasant Ridge, Me.

Angel, Daniel. Born August 27, 1749 buried Mehoopany (Roger Hollow), Pa. Company, Capt. Benjamin Slack, of horsemen regiment, Col. Barton. Also in Jonathan Night's company, under Col. Kimball.

Annis, Jacor. (Dates obliterated grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Atwater, Reuren. (Located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Atwater, Samuel. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Ayres, Lieut. William. Born February 28, 1724 died December 14, 1814 buried in the Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Bailey, Dudley. Born December, 1744 died March, 1812-13 buried at West Dummerston, Vt. Served under Capt. Edgell, R. I.

Bailey, Oliver. Born 1738 died 1822 buried in Granville Cemetery, Pennsylvania. He was from the State of Connecticut.

Bailey, Thomas. Buried in Ebenezer Churchyard, South Carolina. (Located by Catawba Chapter, at Rock Hill, S. C.)

Baldwin, Ashrel. Born March 7, 1751 or 1757 died May 18, 1828 buried at Morris, Conn., which, at that time, was a part of Litchfield, but not at this present time.

Baldwin, Col. Jeduthan. Born January 13, 1730 died June 4, 1788 buried in the Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Baldwin, James. Born November 12, 1759 died May 24, 1843 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Baldwin, Capt. John. (Grave located by London Chapter, London, Ohio.)

Barrour, Major Mordecai. Born 1760 died 1846. He was born in Culpeper County, Va., and served as an officer in the Virginia continental line of the Revolutionary Army. Was present at the siege of Yorktown, and family records record the fact that the plume was shot out of his hat during that engagement. He drew a pension after the war. Died in 1846 at Weston, the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. John Gillam Friend, and is buried in Beth-Salem Cemetery, Boligee, Green County, Ala. His record is on his tombstone.

Barnes, Orange. Born 1762 died September 30, 1823 buried at Footville, near Litchfield, Conn.

Barrett, Oliver. Buried in Sheddsville, West Windsor, Vt. He drew a pension.

Bartlett, Asa. Born 1754 died September 17, 1837 buried in private family burying ground in town of Cumberland, R. I.

Bartlett, Gen. Thomas. Born October 22, 1745 died June 30, 1805 buried on Nottingham Square, Nottingham, N. H.

Bartlett, Wyman. Born April 15, 1754 buried in Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Baskerville, Lieut. Samuel. Buried in Paint Township Cemetery on his farm in Ohio. Was a lieutenant in a Virginia regiment during Revolutionary War for seven years and nine months. Moved to Ohio in 1809. Was associate judge from 1810 to 1812.

Batterton, Samuel. Born 1758, died June 11, 1833. Pensioned under act of March 18, 1818, for service as private in Virginia line. Buried on farm owned by Mrs. Hickman, near Harrison County line, on road between Millersburg and Cynthiana, Ky. Grave marked by old limestone headstone, with inscription containing words "A soldier of American Revolution."

Beach, Noah. Born August 21, 1754 died April 12, 1851 buried West Litchfield, Conn.

Bean, Capt. John. Buried in Episcopal Cemetery, Evansburg, Pa.

Beere, Bezaleel. Born April 28, 1741 died May 28, 1824 buried in West Litchfield, Conn.

Beebe, Samuel. Served in the Revolutionary War. Moved to Ohio and became a settler of Canaan Township, Madison County, in 1815.

Beecher, Burr. Born 1757 died November 11, 1823 buried at Northfield, Conn.

Beeman, John. Buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Hallowell, Me.

Beer, Robert. Born in Ireland, April 21, 1750, died in Illinois in 1842. He was drafted at Easton, Northampton County, Pa. enlisted in 1777 for two months as ensign, under Capt. John Mack in February, 1778, as ensign for two months under Capt. Timothy Jeans September, 1778, and at various times as ensign and Indian spy for one month, under Capt. Patrick Campbell. Also served under Col. Jacob Stroud, of Pennsylvania. Applied for and received a pension October 16, 1832, while a resident of Beaver County, Pa. Moved to Fulton County, 11l., in 1840, where he died in 1842, and was buried in a country cemetery near Fairview, Fulton County. A Revolutionary marker was placed on his grave October 31, 1916, by the Col. Jonathan Latimer Chapter, D. A. R., of Abingdon, 111., the regent of this chapter, Mrs. Mary B. Campbell, being a great-greatgranddaughter of Robert Beer.

Bell, (beall), Archibald. Born October 3, 1756 died July 3, 1840. Inscription on old monument in North Middletown Cemetery says: "A soldier of the Revolutionary War, and one of the few survivors of the Battle of Blue Licks."

Bennett, Deacon David. Born about 1761 died June, 1848 buried at Dummerston, Vt. He drew a pension.

Bennett, Samuel. Born about 1758 died September, 1841 buried at Brookline, Vt. Was a member of Connecticut State troops.

Benton, Nathaniel. Born August 25, 1726 died September 30, 1800 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Betterley, Thomas. Born April, 1751, died June, 1836 buried at West Dummerston, Vt. Served under Capt. Lovell, of Massachusetts.

Bigelow, Jonas. Buried in Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass. Birge, Benjamin. Born April 19, 1763 died March 17, 1796 buried at Headquarters. (Grave located by Mary Floyd Tallmadge Chapter, Litchfield, Conn.)

Birge, James. Born October 16, 1758 died February 10, 1850 buried at Headquarters, Connecticut.

Bishop, Jared. (Located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Bisseli, Archelaus. Born August 14, 1758 died April 26, 1846 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Bisseli., Benjamin. Born January 15, 1754 died February 28, 1825 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Bissell, Calvin. Born April 21, 1753 died October 28, 1837 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Bissell, John. Born December 28, 1761 died July 27, 1819 buried at Milton, Conn.

Bissell, Zebulon. Born October 30, 1751 died May 16, 1824, buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Bivins, John. Born 1760 died 1839. Enlisted Northampton, Mass., 1775 served nine months. Enlisted December, 1775 served one year. Enlisted August, 1777, for two or two and a half years again in the fall of 1779, from New York, three months under Capt. Gideon King. Died at Marietta, Fulton County, Ill., 1839.

Black, Alexander. Buried in Ebenezer Churchyard, South Carolina.

Black, Joseph. Buried in Ebenezer Churchyard, in South Carolina.

Blair, William. Born March 24, 1759 died July 2, 1824 buried at Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church, South Carolina. He fought in Battles of Hanging Rock, Eutaw Springs, Ratcliffe Ridge, Stono Fiske Dam Ford, on Broad River.

Blakeslee, Samuel. Born 1757 ( 59) died February 16, 1831 buried at Northfield, Conn.

Blodgett, John. Born 1733 died April 10, 1813. Served in Capt. John Sherman's company, and Col. Gideon Burt's regiment. June 16, 1782, served four days against insurgents at Springfield, and Northampton, (vol. 2, p. 196). Buried in Old Village Cemetery, New Hampshire.

Blood, Sewall. Born 1765 died 1814. Entered as a private at the age of 16, the Massachusetts Militia in 1781. Blue, Stephen. Buried in North Carolina.

Bodourtha, Joseph. Burled in Agawam Center Cemetery, Massachusetts. Bodurtha, Stephen. Age 56. Died January 22, 1803. Buried in Agawam Center Cemetery, Massachusetts. Bond, John. Born 1734 died December 29, 1803 buried at Conway, Mass. Was a private in Capt. Robert Oliver's company, also served in Col. Eph. Doolittle's regiment. Return made October 6, 1775.

Bond, Capt. Thomas. Born January 30, 1739 died 1784 buried in Maple

Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass. Boswell, Reuben. Buried in North Carolina. Bourne, John. Born 1760 (?) died October 6, 1859. Was at Dorchester Heights, March 17,1776. Enlisted November 7,1777, for three years, at the age of 17, in Massachusetts company. Bowe, Thaddeus. Died September 28, 1828, age 68. He was a private in Enoch C. Cooper's company

Bowen, Jabesh. He was a corporal in Capt. Jonathan Danforth's company, Col. Daniel Brewer's Ninth regiment. Private company returned October 7, 1775. Buried at Corson's Cemetery, Norridgewock, Me.

Bradley, Aaron. Born August 27, 1762 died October 24, 1843 buried at Bantam, Conn.

Bradley, Daniel. Born 1725 died September 13, 1802 buried at East Litchfield, Conn. Bradley, James. Buried in North Carolina.

Brandon, Christopher. Died 1847 buried in Union Cemetery, South Carolina.

Brandon, Col. Thomas. Died 1802 buried in Union Cemetery, South Carolina.

Bray, Joseph. Born December 25, 1762 died January 31, 1841. He was a private in John Scott's company was in service from August 31, to November 20, in Penobscot expedition. Buried near Pelton Brook, Starks, Me.

Breast, John. Born 1760 died January 1, 1844. Drew a pension under act of June 7, 1832, for service in Virginia line. He is buried back of old Log House, "Breast Tavern," a few yards from the road between Paris and Little Rock, Ky., on a farm owned by J. H. Roseberry. The grave formerly had a rough limestone marker, exact spot now obliterated.

Brenig, Col. George. Buried at Lehigh Church, Albertus, Pa.

Briggs, Joseph. Born about 1758 died February, 1850 buried at Dover Center, Vt. He was pensioned in 1833.

Briggs, Samuel. Born at Barnstead, N. H., June 21, 1764 died at Carratunk, Me., October 30, 1840.

Britton, John. Buried at Horton Cemetery, Atlas, Mich. (Marker placed by Genesee Chapter, Flint, Mich.)

Broadwater, Col. Charms B. Died 1806 buried near Vienna. Va. Served in old French and Indian War, 1764.

Broadwater, Lieut. Charles Gray. Served in Revolutionary War. Buried near Vienna, Va.

Broadwater, Lieut. Charles Lewis. Served in Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Buried near Vienna, Va.

Brooke, Capt. John. Buried at Limerick Square, Pa.

Brooke, Matthew. Buried at St. David's Cemetery, Radnor, Va.

Brookes, David. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chatter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Brookes, Enos. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Bruce, Joseph. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt)

Bruen, Jabez. Born July 24, 1750 died November 27, 1814. (Grave located by Mrs. Charles A. Pauly, regent, Cincinnati (Ohio) Chapter, who is a direct descendant of Jabez Bruen.)

Bryant, Daniel. (Grave located by the Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Buel, Peter, Jr. Born October 12, 1739 died January 30, 1797 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Buel, Salmon. Born 1736 died December 18, 1811 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Bull, Asa. Born 1751 died April 14, 1805 buried at West Litchfield, Conn. Bullock, Darius. Born about 1761 died October, 1833 buried at Halifax, Vt. He was pensioned in 1832. Burke, Solomon. Born 1742 died 1819. He was a private in Capt. John Macy's Windsor Company, Vermont Militia, 1780.

Bubkhalter, John.* Born 1762 died 1861. Served in the Revolution under Gen. Clarke was in the Battle of Kettle Creek at the Siege of Augusta, Ga. (Marker unveiled by his great-great-granddaughters, Ruth and Esther Short.)

Bush, Lieut. Joseph. Died October 10, 1828 buried in the Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfleld, Mass.

Butler, Gen. Henry. Born April 27, 1754 died July 20, 1813 buried on Nottingham Square, Nottingham, N. H.

Button, Newberry. Born in Stonington, Conn., 1766 died in New Haven, Conn., December 15, 1843, aged 78. Served as a flfer. (Record given by Eve Lear Chapter, New Haven.)

Cady, Manasseh. Born 1758: died 1833. He was corporal of marines on board the frigate Trumbull, 1781.

Camp, Abel. Born 1748 died May 8, 1825 buried at Morris, which used to be a part of Litchfield, Conn., but it is not at the present time.

Camp, Ezra. Born 1762 died December 23, 1838 buried at Morris, Conn.

Campbell, John. Died October 27, 1833 aged 83 buried at Buffalo Cross Roads Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Union County, Pa. He was a private served under Capt. Robert McKee, 1776 under Lieut. James Laird, 1777 Col. Lowrey's regiment of Derry Township, Lancaster County, Pa.

Carmany, Johannes. Born June 15, 1760 died May 19, 1840 buried in the Reformed Churchyard at Campbellstown, Pa. His father, who had enlisted, was taken sick, and the son, then 16 years of age, took his place. He was a private in one of the Lancaster County companies of the Flying Camp, in service on Long Island.

Carothers, James. Buried in Ebenezer Churchyard, South Carolina.

Cary, Luther. Born 1759 died October 8, 1834. (Grave located In Ohio.)

Catlin, Thomas, Jr. Born June 18, 1737 died December 9, 1829 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Catlin, Uriah. Born June 15, 1735 died April 10, 1808 buried at Northfield, Conn.

Chamberlain, Moses. Died December 9, 1833, Bingham, Me. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War at the age of 19 years.

Champion, Judah. Born 1729 died October 8, 1810 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Chandler, Mordecai. Lived at Hebron Church, Union, S. C. Buried in Spartanburg County, S. C.

Chapin, Capt. Elisha. Aged 49. He was killed by savages in Williamstown, Mass., July 17, 1756, or 1776 (date blurred). Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Holyoke, Mass.

Chase, James. Died 1844 aged 93 buried West Dummerston, Vt. He was a pensioner and had served in the Rhode Island Militia, Revolutionary War.

Chase, Lot. Born 1759 died February 10, 1836 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Chase, Roger. Born September 15, 1749 died June 25, 1822 went with Arnold's expedition to Quebec. Enlisted June 1, 1775, for two months.

Chidester, William. Born 1756 died 1813 buried in Canfield, Ohio. Served four years in Connecticut regiment.

Childs, Jonas. Buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Hallowell, Me.

Child, Jonathan. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Childs, Jonathan. Born October, 1756 died July, 1819 buried In Wilmington, Vt, Served in Col. Learnard's regiment, Massachusetts.

Chiley, Gen. Joseph. Born 1734 died August 25, 1799 buried on Nottingham Square, N. H. Clark, Ahel. Born 1765 died March 25, 1842 buried at Morris, Conn.

Clark, Isaac. Buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Hallowell, Me.

Clark, Sylvanus. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Clark, Thomas. Born 1749 died January, 1836 buried at Dummerston Center, Vt. Served under Capt. Josiah Boyden.

Clay, Samuel. Born May 10, 1761 died April 9, 1810 buried on farm owned by Mr. Charlton Clay, between his residence and Stoner Creek, near Paris, Ky. Old graveyard now obliterated. He served in Revolutionary War, having enlisted in 1777, and followed Gen. Greene throughout his campaign in the Carolinas. (Manuscript lists in the Virginia Historical Society.)

Clement, Philip. Born 1744 died November 10, 1817 buried in the "Old

Village Cemetery." Served as a private, Haverhill, Mass., under Capt.

Samuel Merrill, Maj. Gage's regiment, September 30 to November 6, 1777. Clift, Capt. Joseph. He was captain of Tenth Marshfield, Second Plymouth

County Regiment. Buried at Two-Mile Cemetery, Mass. Clift, Capt. Wills. Buried back of Unitarian Church at Marshfield Hills,Mass.

Cline, Jonas. Born 1760 or 1764 died 1840. Enlisted at Shawangunk, N. Y. Pension granted in 1832 while living in Richland County, Ohio. Died in Fulton County, 11l.

Cline, William. Buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Portland, Ind. (Grave marked 1917.)

Clontz, Jeremiah. Buried in North Carolina.

Clowney, Samuel. Buried in Fair Forest Cemetery, South Carolina.

Corurn, Lemuel. (Dates obliterated. Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Coe, Levi. Born 1761 died February 28, 1832 buried at West Litchfield,Conn.

Cole, Samuel. Buried in the Old Union Cemetery, Johnstown, Pa. (Grave marked 1917.)

Collens, Charles. Born August 5, 1727 died August 17, 1796 buried at Morris, Conn.

Converse, Jeremiah. Born in New Hampshire in 1760. Enlisted as a private in Revolutionary War. Severely wounded by Indians, which disabled him for life. Emigrated to Ohio in 1814, and died in 1837.

Cook, Enoch. Born 1761 died August, 1839 buried at Dummerston Center, Vt. Served under Capt. Josiah Boyden.

Cook, Lieut. Oliver. Born about 1735 died January, 1813 buried at Brattleboro, Vt. Served under Capt. John Sargeant.

Cooper, Enoch. Died April 13, 1814, aged 75. He was first lieutenant in Capt. Nathan Rowley's company. Buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass.

Cory, Elnathan. Born 1757 died February 14, 1838. Private in New Jersey Militia. Died in Beaver County, Pa., and is buried in Wilson's graveyard at New Galilee, Pa. Cotton, Benj. Born 1758 died July 13, 1846 buried at Seville, Ohio. His grave marked in 1917. Date of enlistment, 1775 to end of war. Engaged in the Battles of Hubbardton, Monmouth, and both Battles of Still water. He died in Wayne County, Ohio. Date of pension application, April 22, 1818. Residence at that time was Truxton, Cortland County, N. X.

Couch, John. Buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Hallowell, Me.

Crandell, Richmond. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North

Cranston, Elon. Born 1760 died May 27, 1837 buried at East Litchfield,

Cranston, James. Born 1755 died December 20, 1783 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Crooks, William. Died May, 1778. Murdered by Indians near Tunkhannock. Miner asks, "Was not the blood of Crooks the first shed at Wyoming?"

Culbertson, Capt. Robert. Born July 23, 1755 died July 26, 1801 buried in Rocky Spring Churchyard, Franklin County, Pa.

Curry, Robert. Born 1756 died 1801. Served in Fourth Light Dragoon Continental Troop, Revolutionary War.

Curtis, Samuel, sr. Born at Worcester, Mass., September 26, 1730 died at Auburn, Mass., October 18, 1814 buried in Hope Cemetery, Worcester, Mass.

Curtis, Zebina. Born 1760 died 1828. Private in Capt. John Marcy's (Windsor) company, Vermont Militia, in 1780.

Cuthbertson, Capt. John. Buried in North Carolina.

Dannals, Stacy. Buried in Old Beaver Cemetery in Beaver, Pa.

Davis, Capt. John. Buried at Bethel Meeting, Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pa.

Dawkins, Maj. Elisha. Buried at old home, near Union, S. C.

Davis, Thomas. Philadelphia Chapter. Philadelphia, Pa., placed a sedile in the sanctuary of the Washington Memorial Chapter at Valley Forge and dedicated it on October 21, 1916, in memory of Rev. Thomas Davis, soldier, patriot, and churchman. He was a soldier under George Washington, 1776-1780. He was rector of George Washington's church at Alexandria, Va., from 1792 to 1806, and intimately associated with George Washington in his civil, military, and religious life.

Day, Adonijah. Died October 1, 1790 buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Lima, N. Y. Served in Nineteenth Regiment, Pennsylvania Troop.

Day, Capt. Jos. Died March 19, 1813 aged 67 buried in Elmwood Cemetery,

Day. Joel. Died February 14, 1803, aged 72. Private under Capt. Enoch Chapin. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Holyoke, Mass.

Day, Lieut., John. Died November 21, 1810, aged 82 buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Holyoke, Mass.

Dean, Benjamin. Born 1739 died 1815. Private in Col. Elmore's regiment, continental service. Mattross in Lamb's regiment of artillery. Served three years. Buried in Canfield, Ohio.

Dearborn, Gen. Henry. Born February 23, 1751 died June 6, 1829. Died at Roxbury, Mass., and is buried at Mount Auburn, near city of Boston.

De Berry, Henry. Born in Edgecombe County, N. C. died in Montgomery County, N. C. He was the first sheriff of Montgomery County, N. C.

Decker, David. Buried in Moscow, Me. Was one of the Boston Tea Party.

Deiley, Daniel. Buried in old Allentown Cemetery, Allentown, Pa.

Deming, Julius. Born April 16, 1755 died January 23, 1838 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Demon, Levi. Born 1749 died March, 1797 buried at Hartford, Vt. Served in Col. Ebenezer Wood's regiment.

Dennison, Chauncey. Born 1750 died July 18, 1838. (Headquarters.)

De Wolf, Levi. Born May 9, 1764 died January 23, 1849 buried at Morris, Conn.

Dickey, Elias. Born 1754 died November 13, 1839 served Capt. Daniel Emerson's company, Col. Wingate's regiment. Dickinson, Jesse. Born 1753 died March 17, 1840 buried in Fitch's Cemetery, Northmoreland County, Pa. He was a flfer. Served under Capt. Stoddard and Capt. Samuel Sanford and Cols. Chandler, Russell, Hait, and Isaac Sherman regiments. He was at Brandywine, Bunker Hill, and at the surrender at Yorktown.

Dickinson, John. Born 1758 died 1850 buried in West Cemetery, Amherst, Mass.

Dickinson, Nathaniel. Born 1750 died 1802 buried in West Cemetery, Amherst, Mass. Served in Col. Elisha Porter's regiment.

Dickinson, Oliver. Born July 10, 1757 died March 23, 1847 buried at Milton, Conn.

Diefenderfer, John. Buried in old Allentown Cemetery, Allentown, Pa.

Dingley, Thomas. Died 1806. Captain of Thirteenth Company Marshfield,Second Plymouth County regiment. He was a deacon. Buried at Winslow, Mass.

Dodge, Daniel. Born September 15, 1729 died 1814 buried in the Westfield Flats Cemetery, Roscoe, N. Y. Was a private in Col. Fred Weissenfel's company, The Levies, New York State.

Doolittle, Ambrose. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Douglass, George. Buried in Old Waxhaw Cemetery, North Carolina.

Du Bois, Martin. Born October 1, 1764, in New York died in Bunker Hill, Mich., 1854. Enlisted in Ulster County, N. Y., as a private. Buried in Fitchburg Cemetery, Bunker Hill, Ingham County, Mich. His wife died same day and both are buried in same grave.

Dummer, Nathaniel. Buried at Hallowell Me. (Grave marked 1917.)

Durand, Samuel. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Dusenbury, Capt. John. Buried in Peoria, Ill., in old French Cemetery, now covered with buildings of a business character.

Ely, Enoch. Died February 19, 1842 aged 87 buried in Elmwood Cemetery,

Holyoke, Mass. Served as private under Capt. Enoch Chapin. Ely, Capt. Joseph. Died May 31, 1803 aged 85 buried in Elmwood Cemetery,

Holyoke, Mass. Emmons, Phineas. Born October 1, 1756 died June 13, 1825 buried at Milton, Conn.

Esterbrook, Ben.i. Born about 1744 died May, 1830 buried at Dummerston Center, Vt. Served near Boston, Mass.

Evans, Rev. Edward. Buried at Constantlne, Mich. (Grave marked 1917.)

Eveleth, Zimri. Born August 31, 1763 died May 1, 1816, in Scituate, Mass.,and was buried there in Union Cemetery. He was born in Lancaster, Mass. His daughter Sarah married one William Vinal ofScituate. He has a host of descendants.

Everett, John. Born 1727 died 1819 buried in Canfield, Ohio. Fairbanks, Calvin. Born February 1, 1753 died November 1, 1836 buried at Royalton, Vt.

Falconer, John. Born 1747 died June 24, 1831 buried in Rural Cemetery, White Plains, N. Y. Served as ensign in the Second Regiment Westchester County Militia, under Col. Thomas Thomas. (Grave marked by White Plains Chapter, D. A. R.)

Fabnan, Seth. Born 1734 died April 13, 1820 buried at Morris, Conn.

Farr, Lieut. Col. William. Died 1794 buried in Sartor Graveyard, South

Feaster, Andrew. Born 1735 died 1821 buried in old Feaster Cemetery, at Feasterville, Fairfield County, S. C. Grave is marked by his son John. It has inscription, date of birth and death, and place of birth, etc. He furnished a field of oats and a mare to Col. Henry Hampton's regiment, Light Dragoons. (See Lib. O, No. 321, Hist. Rec. S. C.) His name is recorded as a soldier in the Revolution, in the Revolutionary Rolls as published in the Daily State, of Columbia, S. C, on.November 6, 1914.

Field, John. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Fitch, Haynes. Born 1734 died 1815 buried in Canfield, Ohio.

Flagg, Dimon. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Forrest, Joseph. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Forrest, Robert. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Foster, Maj. John. Buried in Union County, N. C, 12 miles from Monroe, N. C.

Fowler. Elisha. Buried in Agawam Center Cemetery, Massachusetts.

Fowler, Lieut, (later Capt.) Ellis. Buried in Kelley Graveyard, near Kel- ton, S. C.

Fowler, Job. Died February 23, 1813 aged 75 buried in Agawam Center

Fox, Nicholas. Buried in Old Allentown Cemetery, Allentown, Pa.

Fox, Consider. Born 1757 died April, 1859. (Grave located by General Richard Montgomery Chapter, Gloversville, N. Y.)

Freeman, Rtjfus. Born 1762, Providence, R. I. died July 15, 3847 buried at Seville, Ohio. (Grave marked 1917.) Date of enlistment April or May, 1780, five months. Residence, at time of enlistment, in Fitzwilliam Township, Cheshire County, N. H. Date of application for pension, June 25, 1833. Residence at that time, Canaan Township, Wayne County, Ohio.

Fuller, Enoch. Bodyguard to Washington and spent winter at Valley Forge. Buried in Winslow, Me.

Galpin, Amos. Born 1754 died December 7, 1843 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Garnsey, Noah. Born 1746 died September 18, 1820 buried at Northfield,

Garrison, Arthur. Buried at Ebenezer Churchyard, South Carolina.

Gibbs, Lemuel. Born March 16, 1737 died January 23, 1827 buried at Morris,

Gibbs, Moobe. Born January 12, 1757 died April 5, 1834 buried at Milton,

Gibbs, Solomon. Born July 15, 1760 died December 6, 1842 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Giddings, Capt. Daniel. Born 1734 died August 18, 1816 buried in the old village burying ground at Claremont, N. H. Was a lieutenant in Capt. Charles Smith's company, September 15 to 30, 1775 Col. John Foster's regiment January 15 to November 18, 1776 promoted to captain February 15, 1776 captain in Col. John Cogwell's regiment. Return April 30, 1778, with rank of captain. Gilbach, Sergt. Frederick. Buried in the old graveyard of the Reformed Church at Ulaytown, Lancaster County, Pa.

Gilbert, Lieut. Benj. Buried in the Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Gilbert, Capt. Daniel. Buried in the Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Gilbert, Col. Joseph. Buried in the Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Giles, Col. William. Wounded at Kings Mountain buried in South Carolina. Gillett, Simon. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Gilson, Eleazor. Born 1754 died 1825 buried in Canfield, Ohio. Was a pensioner. When Mr. Gilson applied for a pension, Tyral Tanner made this sworn statement: "I declare on the honor of a Revolutionary officer, that I know Eleazor Gilson to have been a private soldier in the Fifth Connecticut Regiment, Second Brigade, in the Army of the United States, from 1777 to 1780."

Gleason, Benj. Born 1745 died October, 1823 buried at Dummerston, Vt. Served seven years. From New Hampshire.

Gleason, Capt. . Buried in the Catholic Cemetery, Barnesville, Md.

Glenn, William C. Born 1764 died 1827 buried at Glenn Cemetery near Carlisle, S. C.

Goode, William. Born 1765 died 1837. Born in Powhattan County, Va., and died in Clarke County, Ala. Served in Virginia continental line.

Goodnow, Isaac, Jr. Born about 1739 died about 1812 buried at Newfane, Vt. Served Lexington Alarm, under Capt. Caleb King.

Goodrich, Joseph, Jr. Born Lunenburg, Mass., August 10, 1746 died in Bing'ham, Me., December 20, 1815. Served in Revolutionary War as private in the colonel's company, One hundred and fifteenth Massachusetts Regiment, commanded by Col. Timothy Bigelow. He enlisted for nine months and was discharged May 5, 1780.

Goodwin, Nathaniel, Sr. Born 1728 died May 18, 1777 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Goodwin, Nathaniel, Jr. Born 1760 died April 15, 1841 buried at Morris, Conn.

Goodwin, Ozias. Born November 27, 1733 died March 1, 1788 buried at West Litchfield, Conn. Goodwin, Uri. Born 1764 died April 12, 1830 buried at Morris, Conn. Goslee, Solomon. Born 1762 died November 29, 1834 buried at Bantam, Conn.

Gould, Oliver. Born 1734 died June 25, 1832 buried in "Old Village Burying Ground," Connecticut. Private in Capt. Aaron Guild's company, Col. Jos. Whitney's regiment, June 20, 1776 Capt. Ebenezer Battle's company, May 8, 1777.

Grant, Ambrose. Born September 14, 1745 died December 7, 1816 buried at East Litchfield, Conn. Graves, Noadiah. Buried at Coldwater, Mich.

Griesemer, Felix. Buried in Old Allentown Cemetery, Allentown, Pa.

Griesemer, John. Buried in Old Allentown Cemetery, Allentown, Pa.

Griffin, Richard. Buried in Lanes Creek Township, near the Stack Road. Was wounded at Cowpens, S. C, in 1781. Grave in North Carolina.

Griswold, John. Born June 29, 1758 died December 22, 1847 buried at Milton, Conn.

Griswold, Midian. Born 1763 died November, 1829 buried at Bantam, Conn.

Grove, Michael. Died September, 1827, at Jersey Shore buried at Dreisbach Church Cemetery, near Lewisburg, Pa. Private in Pennsylvania Militia served under Lieut. Peter Grove also belonged to Lieut. Robinson's rangers.

Guild, Ame. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Guild, John. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Hafner, Michael. Buried at Dreisbach Church Cemetery, near Lewisburg, Pa. He was a private in Capt. George Reihm's First Regiment Berks County Militia, Col. Samuel Ely, in 1781.

Haggins, Joer. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Haines, Ensign Henry. Buried in the old graveyard of the Old Reformed Church of Ulaytown, Lancaster County, Pa.

Haines, John. Buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Hallowell, Me.

Hale, Thomas. Buried in the Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Hall, Dr. Amos. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Hall, Jonathan. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Hall, Jonathan. Born 1757 died 1855. Private Massachusetts Militia 1776 and 1777 captain of Revolutionary Veterans on the occasion of the visit of Lafayette to Windsor, 1825.

Hall, John. Born 1754 died April 4, 1848 buried at Milton, Conn.

Hamrright, Col. Frederick. Born 1727 died 1817 buried at Shilo Cemetery, Grover, S. C.

Handy, Samuel. Died October, 1838 buried in Pioneer Cemetery, West Blumfield, N. Y. He was quartermaster sergeant, Second Connecticut. Harbison, John. Buried in Center County, Pa.

Harding, George. Born 1761 died 1830 buried in Canfield, Ohio.

Harding, John. Born 1758 died 1838 buried in Canfield, Ohio. Private in Capt. John Van Mater's company rangers in Westmoreland County, Pa. Drum major Tenth Pennsylvania Continental Line. Appointed January 14, 1777.

Harriden, Joseph. Among the men mustered by James Leonard, muster master for Bristol County, dated September 2, 1777, Capt. Silas Cobb's company, Col. Danforth Keyes's regiment.

Harris, William. Born October, 1757 died March, 1845 buried at Brattleboro, Vt. Pensioned 1818.

Harrison. David. Born 1751 died April 13, 1812 buried at Morris, Conn.

Harrison, Elihu. Born 1740: died May 3, 1806 buried at Morris, Conn.

Harrison, Thomas, Jr. Born 1723 died December 23, 1791 buried at Morris, Conn.

Hart, Rev. Oliver. (Grave located by Fair Forest Chapter, Union, S. C.) Harwick, Jacor. Born 1752 died 1833. Enlisted from Surry County, N. C, 1781. Born in the Colony of Pennsylvania. Buried in Fulton County, Ill. (Grave located by Peoria Chapter.)

Harwood, Major Peter. Buried in Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Hastings, Thomas. Born 1746 died 1827 buried in South Amherst Cemetery, Amherst, Mass.

Hatch, Charles. Born January 18, 1755 died October 13, 1828 buried at Marshfield, Mass. He was a deacon.

Haven, Abel. Born May 1763 died December 1850 buried at East Dummerston, Vt. Capt. Joseph Tyler's company.

Hawley, Josiah. Born 1748 died 1827. Private in Capt. John Macy's Windsor company, Vermont Militia, 1780.

Hayden, Josiah. Born 1734 died 1818 buried at Winslow, Me. Major of twenty-third regiment (Col. John Bailey's).

Heald, Timothy. Born 1715 died 1785 buried at Winslow, Me. Committee of Safety.

Heald, Timothy, Jr. Born 1749 died 1817 buried at Winslow, Me. Committee of Safety.

Heaton, James. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Helphenstone, Maj. Peter P. Native of Virginia major in Revolutionary War. Came to Chillicothe, Ohio, in 1805. Settled in Madison County, in 1807.

Henderson, Maj. John. Buried at Henderson Graveyard on Eison Plantation, South Carolina.

Henderson, Gen. William. (After the Revolutionary War settled on the Santee, S. C.)

Henry, Samuel. Born 1733 died 1790 buried at West Cemetery, Amherst, Mass. Capt Reuben Dickinson's company, Col. Porter's regiment. Herman, Martin. Born 1732 died 1804 buried at Langsdorf's graveyard, near Kingston, Cumberland County, Pa.

Higgins, Ichabod. Born August 1759 died January, 1852 buried at Jamaica, Vt. Pensioner. Served in Massachusetts Continental Lines.

Hildreth, Joseph, Sr. Born 1723 died July, 1798 buried at Dummerston, Vt. Col. John Sargeant's regiment.

Hildreth, Joseph, Jr. Born 1747 died May, 1812 Buried at Dummerston, Vt. Capt. Josiah Boyden's company. Hinds, Oliver. Buried at Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfleld, Mass. Hitchcock, Amassa. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Hitchcock, Bela. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.) Hitchcock, David. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Hoisington, Hon. Ebenezer. Born 1729 died 1804 member Dorset conevntion, September, 1776 member Westminster convention, October, 1776 member Windsor convention, June, 1777, and July, 1777 member Cumberland County Committee of Safety, 1776 member Vermont Board of War, 1777.

Hoisington, Lieut. Ebenezer, Jr., Born 1752 died 1839. Sergeant Vermont Militia, 1777 ensign, 1778 lieutenant in Capt. John Macy's Windsor company, Vermont Militia, 1780.

Hoisington, Elias. Born 1759 died 1810. Private in Lieut. Asahel Smith's Company, Vermont Militia, 1780 private in Capt. John Macy's Windsor company, Vermont Militia, 1780.

Hoisington, Elisha. Born 1753 or 1754 died 1827. Private in Connecticut Militia, 1779.

Hoisington, Orange. Born 1767 died 1839. Private in Capt. John Macy's Windsor company, Vermont Militia, 1780 (in his fourteenth year).

Hollingsworth, Benjamin. Has Government marker over grave. Buried at old home below Union, S. C.

Holton, Arad. Born 1752 died October, 1841 buried at Dummerston, Vt. Served under Capt. Jason Duncan.

Hooper, Jacob. Born 1749 died July 16, 1836 he was among the men mustered in by Nathan Wells, muster master for York County, Capt. Jeremiah Hill's company, Col. John Peterson's regiment.

Hopkins, Harris. Born March 1, 1744 died December 16, 1820 burled at Nortltfield, Conn.

Horton, Capt. Daniel. Born September 13, 1744 died December 9, 1807 buried at Rural Cemetery, White Plains, N. Y. (Grave marked by White Plains Chapter.)

Horton, Elisha. Born 1757 died November 30, 1837 buried at Bantam, Conn. Was one of "Tea-Party Men."

Horton, Maj. Jonathan. Buried in Rural Cemetery, White Plains, N. Y. First Regiment, Westchester County Militia, under Col. Joseph Drake.

Horton, Timothy. Died January 31, 1837, aged 72 buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass. surgeon in Timothy Robinson regiment.

Hosmer William. Born 1738 died July 18, 1836 grave located at Seville, Medina County, Ohio.

Howe, Capt. Arner. Buried in Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Howe, Arraham. Buried in Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Howe, Nehemiah. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Howland, Arthur. Buried east of fair grounds, Marshfield, Mass.

Hurrard, Eldad. Born 1750 died 1841. Private in Capt. John Macy's Windsor company, Vermont Militia, 1776.

Hurrard, Watts, Jr. Born 1753 died 1826. Private in Capt. John Macy's Windsor company, Vermont Militia, 1780. Huggins, David, Sr. Born 1744 died 1821. Private in Capt. Josiah Russell's company of rangers (New Hampshire), 1776, private in Col. Chase's regiment, New Hampshire Militia in 1777.

Hughes, Col. Joseph. (Grave located by Fair Forest Chapter, Union, S. C.)

Hulett, David. Buried at Huletts Landing, on Lake George. Bronze tablet erected by the Washington Heights Chapter, New York City, N. Y.

Hull, Andrew. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Hull, Andrew, Jr. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Hull, Samuel. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Hull, Samuel, 2d. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Hunter, Sergt. William. (Afterwards a judge and Member of Congress.) Buried in Sheddsville. West Windsor, Vt.

Huntley, Rev. Jonathan. Born 1757 died May, 1834 buried West Dummerston, Vt. Pensioned in 1833.

Ives, Titus. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Jackson, Edward. Born 1730 died 1820. Served in Capt. John Willis's company, Second Virginia Regiment. Wounded in battle of Yorktown. Buried on the home farm, in family plot, about 1 mile south of Mount Clare, Harrison County, W. Va.

Jackson, Stephen. Son of Edward Jackson. Born July 31, 1764 died August, 1847 he was in same company with his father and both were wounded at Yorktown later moved to Harrison County, W. Va., when Stephen became an Indian scout. He is buried in same family plot, 1 mile south of Mount Clare, Harrison County, W. Va.

Jackson, William. Born 1760 died March 18, 1832 buried near Nicholson, Pa. Served i- Capt. Philip BevierV and Capt. William Paulding's regiment, Cols. Du Bois and Van Cortland.

Jacor's, Stephen. Born 1755 died 1816. Private in Capt. John Macy's Windsor company, Vermont Militia, 1781.

James, Shadeeick. Has a Government marker. Died in 1852 buried in Gilead Cemetery, near Jonesville, S. C.

Jenkins, William. Born in Wales, Febuary 19, 1762 died October 14, 1842. Second lieutenant in Capt. Conway's company, Fourteenth Regiment, commanded by Col. Charles Lewis. Buried at Murpheysboro, Ark. A monument has been erected by the Texarkana Chapter, Texarkana, Ark.

Jeter, James. Buried at Jeter Graveyard, near Santuc, S. C.

Johnson, Benjamin. Born 1759 or 1760 died January 7, 1829 buried at Bantam, Conn.

Johnson, Lieut. David. Baptized 1738 died August, 1812 buried at Dover, Vt . Commissioned lieutenant 1775 Capt. J. Simons. Jones, Abraham. Born about 1746 died December, 1816 buried at Dover, Vt. Served under Capt. Comfort Starr. Jones, Eaton, Jr. Born 1762 died January 5, 1838 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Jones, Jeremiah. Born 1759 died 1848 buried at Jones's Cemetery, on the original tract of land granted to Jeremiah Jones. Served under Capt. Srawfield, also Capt. James Fair, Col. Wade, Capt. Andrew Du Bose, and Gen. Marion. Grave located in South Carolina.

Jones, Joshua. Born 1758 died January 10, 1830. New Hampshire Revolutionary War rolls, p. 257. On pay roll of Capt. Titus Salter's list, 1775.

Joslen, Darius. Buried in Canfield, Ohio. Served as a private in Capt. Daniel Whiting's company, Berkshire County. Enlisted in Capt. Noah Langston's company. Served under Capt. Ezereal Herrick.

Joyce, Nathaniel. Born 1743 died February 28, 1827 buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Mass.

Keigher, George. Buried at Barren Hill, Pa.

Keiper, Sergt. Henry. Buried in Allentown Cemetery, Pa.

Kellogg, Eldad. Enlisted in Connecticut buried in Harpersfield, Ashtabula County, Ohio.

Kellogg, Jonathan. Born 1760 died 1823 buried in South Amherst Cemetery, Amherst, Mass. Served in Capt. Parker's company, Col. Porter's regiment.

Kemmerer, Frederick. Buried in Allentown, Pa.

Kendall, Joseph. Buried in Limerick Square, Pa.

Kennedy, Squire William. Buried in Union Cemetery, S. C. Grave has a

Kennedy, William, Jr. Buried in Union Cemetery, S. C. Grave has a Government marker.

Kent, Joseph. Born 1718 died 1801. He was a captain in Revolutionary War. Buried in Massachusetts. Kilbourn, David. Born April 28, 1742 died September 17, 1815 buried at Bantam, Conn.

Kilbourn, Giles. Born January 25, 1728 died September 13, 1797 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

King, Sergt. Alexander. Died August 8, 1826, aged 73 buried in Huntingdon (Pa.) Cemetery. Enlisted January, 1776, with Capt. Henry Darby, at New London Cross Roads, in Chester County, for one year, which he served, and was in battles of Long Island, White Plains, and the taking of the Hessians at Trenton. Early in 1777 he enlisted in Capt. Benjamin Fishburne's company, Fourth Regiment (Pennsylvania Line), commanded by Col. William Butler, and was promoted to the rank of sergeant. He continued in service until the beginning of 1781, when he was discharged by Col. Butler as unfit for service. He was wounded in the hand by a Hessian's bayonet and was afterward injured in the foot. (Pa. Archives, Ser. VI, IV, 533. Pensioner.)

Kister, John Nicholas. Died February 3, 1841 buried iu Pennsylvania.

Kirk, Joskph. Died in 1775 at Carrying Place, Me. buried in Pleasant Ridge, Me. He was one of Arnold's men.

Knight, Benjamin. Buried at Landaff, N. H. (grave marked 1917).

Knight, Samuel. Born about 1757 died July, 1817 buried at Duinmerston

Center. Vt. Served in Col. William Williams' regiment.

Knox, John. (Grave located in North Thetford, Vt.)

Lampson, Daniel. Born March 28, 1755 died October 6, 1852(3) buried at Morris, Conn.

Lanckton, John. Aged 71, died March 10, 1793 buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass.

Landon, Daniel. Born February 11, 1717 died July 11, 1790 buried at West Litchfield. Conn.

Lang, Samuel. Buried in West Bath Cemetery, West Bath, N. H. (Grave marked 1917.)

Langhan, Elias. He was a major in Revolutionary War. Born in 1755 moved to Ohio in 1798 settled in Madison County in 1807 died April 5, 1830, at th# residence of Judge Baskerville, and buried on his farm in Ohio.

Larmon or Laymon, William. Buried in the Catholic Cemetery, Barnesville, Md.

Larnard, Deacon Moses. Born 1762 died 1845 buried at Halifax, Vt. He was a pensioner served in Massachusetts Continental Lines. Law, William. Buried in Connecticut.

Lee, Timothy. Born October 10, 1748 buried in Centremoreland, Pa. Sergeant in Revolutionary War.

Leland, Thomas. Born 1756 died 1847 buried at Seville, Ohio. (Grave marked 1917.). His pension was $12 per month. Served in Tenth Battalion, subsequently known as Ninth Massachusetts Regiment.

Lemmond, John. Buried in North Carolina.

Lemmond William. Buried in North Carolina.

Leonard, Abner. Died March, 1793, aged 48. Private in Lieut. Enoch Cooper's company, Col. David Leonard's regiment. (Vol. 9, page 682.) Buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass.

Leonard, Ariiset. Died November 11, 1819, aged 64. Private in Capt. Nathan Rowley's company, Col. John Moseley's regiment. Buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass.

Leonard, Benjamin. Died September 10. 1780. He was a drummer in Capt. Preserve Leonard's company, Col. Porter's regiment. Buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass.

Leonard, Benjamin. Died February 24, 1785, aged 83 buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass. Mustered October 25, 1780.

Leonard, Fellows. Died March 10, 1793 buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass. Private in Capt. Preserve Leonard's company.

Leonard, Preserve. Died May 18, 1801, aged 73 buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass. He was captain Tenth Company, Col. John Moseley's regiment.

Leonard, Moses. Died February 5, 1788, aged 77 buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass. Private in Capt. Phineas Stebbin's company.

Leonard, Thadeus. Died September 5, 1842, aged 80 buried in Old North Cemetery, Agawam, Mass. Fifer in Capt. Samuel Sloper's company.

Lincoln, Elisha. Born 1795 died May 23, 1824 buried in Jewett Cemetery, at Twelve Corners, Madison, Me. Private Capt. Eleazer Hamlin's company, Gen. Thomas's regiment. Muster roll dated August 1, 1775.

Lines, Ralph. Buried in Connecticut.

Linn, John. Died September 28. 1847, aged 91 buried in the MiHIinburg (Pa.) Cemetery. Private under Capt. Erasmus Gill, Fourth Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry, Col. Stephen Moylan also in First Battalion Northumberland County Militia, under Col. John Kelly.

Littell, William. Born 1745 died 1825 buried in Service Graveyard, South Side, Beaver County. He was a pensioner as recorded in Beaver, Pa., 1818.

Little, Capt. George. Buried at Marshfield Hills, Mass. (Wales Monument.)

Little, Luther. Buried at Sea View, Mass.

Loftin, Thomas. Buried in old Presbyterian Cemetery, Pickens County, Ala. Lord, Lynde. Born 1733 died June 10, 1801 buried at West Litchfield, Conn. Lord, Knox. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Lucas, George. Buried in Old Union Cemetery, Johnston, Pa. (Grave marked 1917.)

Lyons, Benj. Born 1733 died 1822 buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, White Plains, N. Y. Second Regiment West Chester County Militia, under Col. Thomas Thomas.

Macy, Capt. John. Born 1724 died 1797. Captain of a company of Windsor and vicinity men, Vermont Militia, 1780 and 1781. This company was in Maj. Benj. Wait's detachment that marched in the alarm to Royalton, October, 1780 also in the alarm of March, 1781 (by order of Gen. Bailey).

Mansfield, Joseph. Born 1737 died June 6, 1821 buried at Morris, Conn.

Marcy, Samuel. Born 1759 died 1838. Drummer Capt. John Macy's Windsor County Vermont Militia, 1780. Private in same 1781.

Mason, Elisha. Born April 5, 1759 died June 1, 1858 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Mason, Joseph. Born April 24, 1755 died March 21, 1844 buried at Northfield, Conn.

Mayse, James. Buried at Fair Forest Cemetery. South Carolina. (Has monument.)

Mccain, Hugh. Born November 17, 1765 died March 6, 1837 buried Tirzah A. R. P. Church in Lancaster, S. C.

McClary, Jesse. Buried near North Thetford, Vt.

Mcclary, John. Buried near North Thetford, Vt.

Mccurdy, John. Born 1746 died January 4,1824. In Capt. Benj. Plummer's company. Detached from Col. William Jones's regiment for service under Col. Samuel McCobb on expedition against Mayosbagaduse.

Mcewen, Henry. Birth date not known died October 14, 1823 buried in Center Hill Cemetery, Center County. Enlisted June, 1775, in Cumberland County, Pa., Capt. W. Hendrick's company. (Gravestone being erected by descendants.)

Mcjunkin, Col. Joseph. (Has monument.) Buried in McJunkin graveyard, near Union, S. C. •

Mcjunkin, Capt. Samuel. (Has monument.) Buried in McJunkin graveyard, near Union, S. C.

Mcneil, Archibald, Jr. Born July 17, 1737 died January 31, 1813 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Mcwhorter, George. (Located by John Foster Chapter, Monroe, N. C.)

Meacham, Asa. Born 1759 died May 5, 1836. Private in Capt. Moses Kellogg's company, Col. Porter's regiment, New Hampshire. September 23, 1777, to October 18, 1777. Company marched under Maj. Gen. Gates.

Means, Gen. Hugh. (Has monument.) Buried at Fair Forest Cemetery, South Carolina.

Merrick, Capt. Erenezer. Born 1722 died March, 1819 buried at West Dummerston, Vt. He was a captain in 1782.

Metcalf, Benjamin. Born 1757 died April, 1848 buried at Guilford, Vt. Service in Massachusetts continental lines. Pensioner.

Miller, Col. Elijah. Born May 7, 1728 died August 21, 1776 buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, White Plains, N. Y. He died at Camp Hurlgate. His home was occupied by Gen. Washington for headquarters in 1776 and 1778.

Miller, Hosea. Born April, 1742 died May, 1795 buried at Dummerston, Vt. Served under Capt. Benj. Whitney.

Miller, John B. Born 1754 died 1835. Trumpeter in Armand's legion. Buried in Canfield, Ohio.

Miller, John, Sr. (Grave located in Old Allentown Cemetery, Pa.)

Miller, Vespatian. Born June, 1740 died July, 1812 buried in Dummerston Center, Vt. Served under Capt. Benjamin Whitney.

Minshall, Rev. William. A prisoner. Buried in Range Township, Bethel Cemetery, Madison County, Ohio. Inscription on monument: "A stranger I am—but here I must lie. My name you can see, but my age is unknown."

Moll, John. (Grave located in Allentown, Pa.)

Moltty, George. (Grave located in North Thetford, Vt.)

Mone, John. (Grave located in North Carolina.)

Moore, Nathan. Buried in Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Morehouse, David. Born August 14, 1740 buried in private cemetery, Roberts's farm, Falls, Pa. Company, Capt. St. John's regiment, Fifth Connecticut.

Morgan, Jesse. Age 60 died June 16, 1810 buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Holyoke, Mass. Served under Capt. Enoch Chapin (Mass.).

Morgan, Capt. Joseph. Died December 18, 1813, aged 77 buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Holyoke, Mass. Captured in capitulation of Fort William Henry, 1757.

Morris, James. Born January 8, 1752 died April 20, 1820 buried at Morris,

Morrow, Maj. Samuel. (Has monument.) Buried at Fair Forest, S. C.

Mosely, James "Highkey." (Has Government marker.) Born 1756 died 1840 buried at Hames's plantation, South Carolina.

Moss, Levi, Jr. Born 1747 died March 6, 1825 buried at Northfield, Conn.

Moss, Titus. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Newhard, Lawrence. (Grave located in Allentown, Pa.)

Newharter, Thomas. (Grave located in Allentown, Pa.)

Newton, Marshall. Born January, 1757 died December, 1833 buried at Newfane, Vt. Served in Massachusetts continental lines.

Nickens, Moses (colored). Settled in Madison County, Ohio, 1810 soldier in Continental Army under Gen. Washington and also in War of 1812 enlisted from Jefferson Township, Madison County, Ohio. Died in Columbus, Ohio.

Norton, Dr. Gould Gift. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Nuckotts, John (Cherokee). Lived near Grindall Shoals, Union County buried in Whig Hill.

Nye, Erenezer. Buried in the Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Ohl, Henry. Born 1762 died 1849 buried at Canfield, Ohio. Private in Northampton County Militia.

Old, Col. Benj. Died May 5, 1827, aged 63 buried in Agawam Center Cemetery, Massachusetts.

Osborne, Eliada. Born 1760 died December 26, 1849 burled at West Litchfield, Conn.

Obborn, Isaac. Born July 22, 1744 died March 25, 1826 buried at West

Osborn, John. Born 1727 died January 7, 1814. Buried at West Litchfield,

Conn. Otterson, Maj. Samuel. (Record furnished by Fair Forest Chapter, Union,

Page, Dr. Benjamin. Buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Hallowell, Me.

Page, Daniel. Born 1756 died December 1, 1834 buried at Milton, Conn.

Palmer, John. Born 1766 in Union County, N. C. Moved to Indiana.

Parish, Ebenezer. Born 1760 died about 1835 buried in Orcutt's Grove Cemetery, near Noxen. Pa. Private in Massachusetts troops. Won title of captain in Battle of White Plains.

Parker, Joseph. Born 1760 died February 6, 1830 buried at Morris, Conn.

Parker, Levi. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Parkhurst, Abraham. Born 1755 died 1815 buried at Granville Cemetery,Pa. From Massachusetts. Parks, Lieut. Jonathan. Born September, 1743 died July, 1827 buried at

Newfane, Vt. Served under Col. John Sargeants.

Patrick, Matthew. Born 1754 died 1789. Sergeant in Lieut. Asahel Smith's company, Vermont Militia, 1780 sergeant in Capt. John Marcy's (Windsor) company, Vermont Militia, 1781.

Patrick, Sergt. Samuel. Born 1750 died 1825. Sergeant in Capt. John Marcy's (Windsor) company, Vermont Militia, 1780-1781.

Pattee, Ezekiel. Born 1731 died 1813 buried at Winslow, Me. Committee of Safety.

Patterson, Deacon Robert. Born 1744 died September 15, 1828. Capt. Peter Clark's company, Moor's regiment.

Patterson,. Robert. Born 1744 died November 10, 1817. Private in Capt. Moses McFarland's company of invalids stationed at Boston, Col. Nichols's regiment.

Pearson, Capt. John. Born August 17, 1740 died January 22, 1829 buried in

Neshanock Churchyard, Mercer County, Pa.

Peck, Philo. Born October 3, 1752 died February 13, 1831 buried at West

Litchfield, Conn. Perry, Abner. Born 1755 died September, 1834 buried at Dover, Vt. Served

as Minuteman in Massachusetts company.

Pettes, Joseph. Born 1754 died 1811 buried in Old South Burying Ground, Windsor Vt . Private in Capt. James Hendricks's company, Massachusetts Militia, 1776.

Phelps, Francis. Born August, 1757 died July, 1842 buried at Halifax, Vt. Served in Massachusetts Continental Line. Pensioned in 1819.

Phelps, John. Born 1756 died June 25, 1833 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Phelps, Winslow. Buried at South Woodstock, Vt. Pilgrim, Thomas. Born 1754 died April 24, 1843 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Polk, Capt. Charles. Buried in North Carolina. Porter, John. Died March 16, 1834 aged 93 buried in Agawam Center, Cemetery, Mass.

Potter, Joel. Born 1761 died July 18, 1827 buried at headquarters.

Potter, Capt. John. Buried in Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Peatt, Levi. Buried at Hulett's Landing, on Lake George. Bronze tablet erected by the Washington Heights Chapter, New York City, N. Y.

Pratt, Stephen. Born 1761 died 1854 buried at Otsego, Mich. He enlisted twice, first at the age of 16, and served for 16 months each time.

Pray, Abraham. Buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Hallowell, Me.

Proctor, Francis, Jr. Born in Ireland died April, 1815, in Lycoming County, Pa. buried at Dunnstown, Pa. He was the son of Francis Proctor, sr., and brother of Gen. Thomas Proctor (who organized first company of artillery in Philadelphia). Served witfi his brother in continental line, November 27, 1775. Lieutenant November 29, 1775 captain July 16, 1776 major December 24, 1782.

Putnam, John. Born 1767 died 1844 buried at Granville Cemetery, Pennsylvania. From Medford, Mass.

Pyron, John. (Grave located by John Foster Chapter, Monroe, N. C.)

Pyron, William. (Grave located by John Foster Chapter, Monroe, N. C.)

Ray, William. Born 1755 died October 6, 1813 buried at Morris, Conn.

Reeve, Tapping. Born 1744 died December 13, 1823 buried at East Litchfield, Conn. He was head of the first law school in the United States.

Reib, Andrew. (Grave located in Allentown, Pa.)

Rice, Lieut. Jonas. Born about 1765 died May 1849 buried at Brattleboro, Vt. Served in Capt. Blakeslee's company.

Richardson, Andrew. Born 1760 died 1825 buried in Winslow, Me. Private in Capt. Farwell's company.

Riddle, Samuel. Born 1759 died 1825 buried in Canfield, Ohio. Private in rangers of Washington County, Pa., and of Westmoreland County, Pa. Private in Capt. George Sharpe's company, Third Battalion, Militia.

Robbins, Willard. Born 1753 died 1823 buried in South Amherst Cemetery, Amherst, Mass. He was a sergeant in Capt. Reuben Dickinson's company, Col. Porter's regiment.

Robinson, Chandler. Born December, 1761 died 1833 buried South Branch, near Forkston, Pa. Served in Capt. Douglas's company in May, 1776, and 1778.

Robinson, William. Born about 1750 died October, 1841 buried at West Dummerston, Vt. Served in New Hampshire continental lines.

Rogers, Nathaniel. Born 1750 died 1833 buried at Marshfield Hills, Mass.

Rogers, Peleg. Died 1820 buried at Marshfield Hills, Mass.

Rogers, Thomas. Buried at Marshfield Hills, Mass., near the Unitarian Church.

Ross, James. Buried in North Carolina.

Rowley, Nathan. Died October 9, 1821 aged 81. Lieut. Col. David Moseley's regiment.

Runnels, Benjamin. Born 1748 died 1802 buried in Winslow, Me. Blacksmith with Army in New York, employed in forging chains thrown across Hudson to keep British ships from going up the river.

Russell (russel) . Born at Lexington, Mass., January 12, 1762 died at Moscow, Me., May 1, 1852 buried in Bingham, Me.

Russel, Joseph. Born at Groton, Mass., 1763 died at Moscow, Me., December 27, 1850 buried in Bingham, Me.

Salisbury, James. Born about 1751 died January, 1842 buried at Guilford, Vt. Served in Capt. David Stowell's company.

Sanford, Jonah. Born August 1, 1735 died January 21, 1817 buried at Morris, Conn.

Sanford, Joseph, Jr. Born 1745 died December 13, 1813 buried at Morris, Conn.

Sargeant, Elihu. Born May, 1758 died December, 1833 buried at Brattleboro, Vt. Served in Col. John Sargeant's regimeht.

Sargeant, Rufus. Born June, 1740 died November, 1836 buried at Dummerston, Vt. Served in Capt. Josiah Boyden's company.

Sargeant, Lieut. Thomas. Born February, 1734 died April, 1783 buried at Brattleboro, Vt. He was a highway commissioner.

Sartor, William. Buried at Scaife Place, near Santuc, S. C.

Savage, Capt. John. Buried in McJunkin graveyard in South Carolina.

Sayles, William. Born February 28, 1744 died February 19, 1832 buried in private burying ground on his old farm at Lenox, Madison County, N. Y. He was in Battle of Lexington with Capt. Asa Fairbanks, from Wrentham, Mass.

Schultz, Christopher. Buried at Clayton Meeting, Clayton, Bucks County, Pa.

Schultz, John. Buried at Newtown, Pa. Secrest, Capt. John. Buried in North Carolina.

Sells, Ludwig. Born February 15, 1743 died October 13, 1823 buried in the Dublin Cemetery, Dublin, Ohio. He was in Capt. Martin Bowman's Company. Served in the Pennsylvania line in 1777.

Seymour, Moses. Born July 23, 1742 died September 17, 1826 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Seymour, Samuel. Born January 1, 1754 died November 14, 1837 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Sharpe, Benjamin. (Grave located bj'Fair Forest Chapter, Union, S. C.)

Sharpe, John. Buried at Lipscomb Gregory farm, South Carolina.

Sharpe, William. Buried at Lipscomb Gregory farm, South Carolina.

Shaw, Abiatha. Born 1762 died December, 1852 buried at Westmoreland, N. H. Served under Col. John Daggart.

Shaw, John. Buried on a farm about 7 miles from Paris, Ky. (Grave marked 1917.)

Shaw, William. Buried at Ebenezer graveyard, South Carolina.

Shelton, Gen. Joseph. Buried at Simstown, near Neal Shoals, S. C.

Shropshire, Abner. Born May 13, 1761 died December 13, 1840 pensioned under act of June, 1832, for service as a private in Virginia Militia. Was buried at Valley Forge, near Leesburg, but was moved to Georgetown (Ky.) Cemetery on September 28, 1917.

Simpson, Benjamin. Born 1754 at Groton, Mass. Private in Capt. Henry Haskell's company. Camped at Cambridge, Mass. Record in Massachusetts soldiers and sailors. Buried in Waterville, Me.

Simpson, William. Buried in North Carolina.

Sims, Capt. Chas. (Has monument.) Buried at Simstown, S. C.

Skein, Adam. Buried at Sartor Graveyard, near Santuc, S. C.

Skinner, John. Buried at Jonesburg, N. H. (Grave marked 1917.)

Smith, Amos. Born April, 1750 died January, 1821 buried at Chesterfield, N. H. Served in Col. Ashley's regiment.

Smith, Lieut. Asahel. Son of Capt. Steel Smith, the founder of Windsor, Vt. Born 1756 died 1846 buried in Sheddsville, Vt. (West Windsor).

Smith, Benjamin. Buried at Coldwater, Mich.

Smith, David. Born December 20, 1747 died October 16, 1814 buried in East Litchfield, Conn.

Smith, Eli. Died March 29, 1824 buried at East Litchfield, Conn,

Smith, Jacor. Born 1738 died April 14, 1807 buried at Northfield, Conn.

Smith, John. Born 1739 died February 15, 1807 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Smith, Manuel. Born 1741 died 1821. He was a member of the Committee of Safety. Buried Winslow, Me.

Smith, Reuren. Born 1737 died August 25, 1804 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Smith, Samuel. Buried in Hallowell Cemetery, Halloweli, Me.

South Worth, Lemuel, Sr. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

South Worth, Lemuel, Jr. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Spaulding, Jacor. Born about 1727 died June, 1808 buried at Brattleboro, Vt. Served under Capt. James Blakeslee.

Spencer, Ephraim. Born 1759 died May 16, 1828 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Sperry, Jor. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

Spooner, Alden. Born 1757 died 1827. Private in Capt. Samuel McClure's (Dresden) company, Vermont Militia in the alarm at Newbury, 1781. Buried in Old South Burying Ground, Windsor, Vt.

Steadman, Nathaniel. Born April, 1746 died October, 1812 buried at Newfame, Vt. Served under Col. John Sargeant.

Steen, Lieut. Col. James. Killed at Kings Mountain.

Stees, John. Born September 13, 1760 died July 8, 1840 buried at Stees Cemetery, near Mifflinburg, Pa. Private in Eighth Company, Third Battalion, Lancaster County Militia, Pennsylvania.

Stephens, Emanuel. Buried near Indian Trail, N. C.

Sterne, Dr. Thomas. Born 1745 died 1816. Surgeon New Hampshire Militia, 1776. Buried in Old South Burying Ground, Windsor, Vt.

Stevens, Erenezr. Buried at Nicholson, on Glenwood road. Member New York Militia. Was a dragoon in Connecticut regiment. Grave located in Pennsylvania.

Stevens, Henry. Born 1764 died April 16, 1854. Buried at Northfield, Conn.

Stevens, Peter. Born March 17, 1741 Canterbury, Conn. died May 26, 1821, Wells, Vt. Served in 1775, Fourth company, Third regiment, Gen. PutnamCapt. Obadiah Johnson.

Stewart, Jehiel. Born October 22, 1750 died March 18, 1813 buried in Westfield Flats Cemetery, Roscoe, N. Y. Private under Capt. Ferguson, of Massachusetts.

Stockwell, Jonas. Born 1755 died November, 1812 buried at Dummerston, Vt. Served under Col. John Sargeant.

Stoddard, Bryant. Born 1740 died February 17, 1824 buried at Morris, Conn.

Stoddard, Daniel. Born April 29,1760 died December 16,1826 buried at Bantam, Conn.

Stoddard, David. Born August 8, 1747 died May 4, 1794 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Stoddard, Jesse. Born September 17, 1762 died January 23, 1846 buried at Bantam, Conn.

Stone, Cam. Born 1747 died 1820. Private in Capt. John Marcy's (Windsor) company, Vermont Militia, 1780. Buried in Old South Burying Ground, Windsor, Vt.

Stone, Sylvanus. Born October 17, 1713 died December 13, 1785 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Stone, Thomas. Born 1755 died September 10, 1843 buried at Bantam, Conn.

Straton, Hezekiah. Born 1746 died 1824. Was a member of committee of safety. Buried in Winslow, Me.

Strong, Simeon. Born 1764 died 1841 buried in West Cemetery, Amherst. Mass.

Stboup, John. Died February 4, 1832 buried on Crawford Farm, Paint Township, Madison County, Ohio.

Swain, Joseph. Born 1754 died February, 1831 buried at Halifax, Vt . Served in Massachusetts continental lines was a pensioner.

Swanzey, Capt. William. Born 1746 died August 8, 1825. Second Battalion, Cumberland County Militia Col. Thomas Gibson, commander. Buried in Lick Run Presbyterian Cemetery, Jacksonville, Pa.

Sweet, Peleo, Sr. Born 1758 died December 9, 1825, in Ashtabula, Ohio buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Ashtabula, Ohio. Enlisted in Connecticut.

Suydam, Cornelius. Born April 6, 1761 died March 17, 1851. Private in Middlesex County, New Jersey Militia. Buried in Dutch Reformed Churchyard, Spotswood, N. J. Tallmadge, Benjamin. Born February 25, 1754 died March 7, 1833 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Tallmadge, Samuel. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.)

TanNer, Lieut. Tryal. Born 1751 died 1833 buried in Canfield, Ohio. Sergeant in Gen. Arnold's campaign. Enlisted in Connecticut continental regiment as lieutenant was promoted to adjutant was in the Battle of Monmouth forced to resign in 1780 to support his family.

Taylor, Daniel. Born 1739 died September, 1807 buried at West Dummerston, Vt. Served under Capt. Eben Merrick.

Taylor, Elisha. Born 1760 died October 30, 1843 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Taylor, Lieut. Hilbert. Born 1744 died 1803 buried in Rural Cemetery, White Plains, N. Y. On his tombstone, "A soldier of the Revolution." Third regiment, Westchester County Militia, Col. Pieri Van Courtland. (Grave marked by chapter.)

Taylor, John (jonathan). Born 1753 died July 6, 1809 buried at Milton, Conn.

Tenney, Daniel. Born June, 1748 died March, 1825 buried at West Dum- merston, Vt. Served with Maj. Richard Waldon.

Tenney, Jonathan, Sr. Born February, 1758 died November, 1826 buried at West Dummerston, Va. Served under Capt. Thomas Richards.

Thayer, Jonathan. Born 1762 died 1846 buried in South Amherst Cemetery, Amherst, Mass.

Thomas, Col. Anthony. Buried in Winslow Cemetery, Mass.

Thomas, Sergt. Habrison. Died 1808 buried on the old farm near Wierwood, Va. He was sergeant in the company of Capt. James Franklin, Tenth Virginia regiment, commanded by Col. Edward Stevens. His name appears on a roll, May 31, 1777, and March, 1778, with remarks which indicate that he was then in hospital from War Department.

Throop, Benjamin. Born Septemper 13, 1752 died October 8, 1833 buried at Footville, Conn.

Tllden, John. Born 1754 died March 14, 1792 buried at Marshtield Hills, Mass.

Tobey, Zoeth. Born 1758 died 1835 buried in the Lawner Cemetery, Charleston, Mich. He enlisted at Dartmouth, Mass., in 1780, served 2 years, was wounded and honorably discharged.

Tolman, Robert. Cincinnati Chapter, Cincinnati, Ohio, erected a monument in the form of a gateway of granite blocks, given to the chapter through the historic sites committee, these blocks having been taken from the old historic courthouse and placed in the Pioneer Cemetery, where a Revolutionary soldier is buried. The date of his birth and death are not visible on the tombstone, but the name Robert Tolman, Revolutionary soldier, 1794, is clear.

Trumbull, Ezekiel. Born 1759 died November 27, 1838 buried at Morris, Conn.

Trundle, Sergt. John. Buried on the farm near Dickerson, Md., known as the Heffner farm. Grave has a tombstone. Tussell, John. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Tuttle, Lucius. (Grave located by Lady Fenwick Chapter, Cheshire, Conn.) Tyler, James. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Tyler, Joshua. (Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.)

Underwood, Thaddeus. Born about 1760 died September, 1840 buried at Marlboro, Vt. Served in Capt. Warren's militia. Uptegrove (Private). Buried in the old graveyard of Ulaytown Reformed Church, Lancaster County, Pa. Van Ness, George. Died March 22, 1832. Served through Revolutionary War and was with Washington at Valley Forge. Moved to Madison County, Ohio, in 1813.

Varnon, John. Born 1744 died February, 1825. Private in First Regiment Pennsylvania Troops. (See Record and Pension Office, War Department.) Buried on farm owned by Mrs. Hickman, near Harrison County line, on road between Millersburg and Cynthiana, Ky.

Viers, Maj. William. Died 1811 buried in an unmarked grave on the farm known as the James Dawson farm, Dawsonville, Md.

Vosburg, Abram. Born died July 12. 1S21 buried in cemetery on Neck,

Vosburg, Pa. Was in Capt. Everett Bogardus's company, Snyder's regl-ment. Private in Van Alstine's regiment of Albany County (N. Y.) Militia.

Vose, Lemuel. Born April 30, 1753 died March 2, 1827 buried near Forkston, Pa. Served in Connecticut regiment.

Wadsworth, Capt. Elijah. Born 1747 died 1817. Assisted in raising Sheldon's regiment of light dragoons. Was one of the first to join the Army, and served through the whole war. Was at West Point when Maj. Andre was taken prisoner, and served as one of his guards. Entered the war as a lieutenant and at the close was a captain. When he was 65 years old was general in war of 1812. Buried at Canfield, Ohio.

Walkup (wahab), Capt. James. Born 1724 died February, 1798 buried at Old Waxhaw, N. C.

Wallace, Richard. Born 1756 died August 30, 1794 buried at East Litchfield, Conn. Grave located by the Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.

Ward, Luther. Born June, 1761 died July, 1848 buried at Dover, Vt. Belonged to Massachusetts Militia. Pensioned 1831.

Warner, Jonathan. Born November 3, 1759, at Amherst, Mass. died January 4, 1845, at Wales, Erie County, N. Y. buried in the village cemetery at South Wales, Erie County, N. Y. Enlisted as a private in Massachusetts Militia, July, 1776. Served four months under Col. Nicholas Sikes, Capt. River Lyman. Second service, enlisted and served as a private under Cols. Hale and Leonard for two months, in Capt. Eli Parker's company, Massachusetts Militia. Applied for a pension December 2, 1833. He married Margaret Elizabeth Zwill, December 2, 1779. She was pensioned as his widow October 27, 1845 died at Wales, N. Y., March 3, 1848, aged 88 years. Warner, Josiah. Born 1745 died 1830 buried in West Cemetery, Amherst, Mass. Served in Lieut. Noah Dickinson's company, Col. Elisha Porter's regiment.

Warner, William. Died August 28, 1795 buried in Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfleld, N. Y. Lieutenant in Seventeenth Regiment, New York Militia. Warren, Martin. Died 1852 buried in old cemetery at Warrensburg, Mo. Warriner, Maj. Gad. Died May 10,1842, aged 84 buried in Agawam Cemetery, Massachusetts.

Wasson, John. Born in Lancaster, Pa., in 1747 died September, 1825, aged 78 buried in Center Hill Cemetery, Center County, Pa. Grave marked by suitable tombstone.

Waugh, Samuel. Born 1758 died Oct. 12, 1838 buried at Footville, Conn.

Waugh, Thaddeus. Born January 3, 1759 died November 9, 1810 buried at Footville, Conn.

Way, Asa (Aba). Born 1761 died June 29, 1811 buried at Northfield, Conn.

Weatherree, Joar. Born April, 1759 died April, 1843 buried at Chesterfield, N. H. Served under Col. Job Cushing.

Weathern, Benjamin. Born August 3, 1759 died March 12, 1834 buried at Riverside Cemetery, Farmington, Me. Enlisted 1779, Penobscot Expedition.

Weaver, Jabez. Private in Capt. Benjamin Hitchcock's regiment, under command of Gedeon Brounson. (Information from 114 Adjutant's Office, p. 57, State of Vermont.)

Webster, Benjamin, Jr. Born 1737 died October 29, 1782 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Werster, Reuren. Born May 12, 1757 died August 2, 1833 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Werster, Stephen. Born 1738 died November 28, 1823 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Welch, David. Bern 1724 died March 26, 1815 buried at Milton, Conn. Welch, John. Born September 23, 1759 died December 26, 1844 buried at Milton, Conn.

Weller, Dan. Born 1759 died June 9, 1829 grave of this Revolutionary soldier and his wife was located by Washington Heights Chapter, 11 miles north of Fort Anne, on the east side of the road to Comstock, N. Y., at telegraph :Pole No. 1391.

Wentz, John. Wounded by sabre cuts on the head. A woman found him on tha Rocky River road, North Carolina, am hid him in her chest from Tarleton's scouts. Grave located by the John Fester Chapter, Monroe, N. C.

White, Abijah. Buried at Center Church Cemetery, Massachusetts. On his mother's tombstone (Anna White) are found these words: "Killed in an engagement at sea, 1777."

White, Caleb. Born —: died 1848 served in Revolutionary War from State of Connecticut. Buried at Granville Cemetery, Pennsylvania.

White,, Lieut. James. Born 1743 died 1823 buried at Long Creek Church, near Kings Mountain, N. C.

White, Moses. Born 1753 died 1827 sergeant, Capt. Thomas White's company, Col. Heath's regiment, Massachusetts Militia, 1775. Buried in Old South Burying Ground, Windsor, Vt.

Whitesides, William. Buried in Stafford Cemetery, near Mount Auburn, Christian County, Ill. (Information furnished by Stephen Decatur Chapter, Decatur, Ill.)

Whittlesey, N. Roger. Born 1754 died March 15, 1835 buried at Morris, Conn.

Wilbur, Gideon. Born April 9, 1768 died July 6, 1862. Gideon Wilbur enlisted in the Dutchess County Militia. He was a member of the Sixth Regiment, under Col. Graham. He is buried in the town of Warren, Herkimer County, N. Y. A bronze tablet or marker has been placed on his grave by Ganowauges Chapter, D. A. R., of New York.

Wilcox, David. Grave located by Richard Wallace Chapter, North Thetford, Vt.

William, Hubbard. Born December 2, 1762 died July 10, 1833 buried on Barton Farm on Millersburg and Cynthiana Pike, Kentucky. (Services: Manuscript list of Revolutionary soldiers in Virginia Historical Society Library, "Auditor's Accts. XVIII, page 694. An old letter in possession of descendants, addressed to Hubbard Williams, by James Mullins, dated 1826.)

Willington, Samuel. Born November, 1757 died December, 1836 buried at Brattleboro, Vt. He was a pensioner.

Wilson, Henry. Born 1756 died between 1843 and 1848 buried in a family graveyard near Little Rock, on a farm owned by Mrs. John Brenan. (Services: See list Revolutionary soldiers in Collins' History of Kentucky, Vol. I, pp. 5, 6.)

Winchester, Asa. Born March, 1763 died October, 1831 buried at Marlboro, Vt. He was on the pay roll of Capt. Jonathan Warren.

Winchester, Joseph. Born October, 1765 died March 1825 buried at Marlboro, Vt. On the pay roll of Capt. Jonathan Warren.

Witcher, Chase. Buried at Glencliff, N. H. (Grave marked 1917.)

Witt, Capt. Ebenezer. Buried in Maple Street Cemetery, North Brookfield, Mass.

Wolcott, Oliver. Born December 1, 1726 died December 1, 1797 buried at East Litchfield, Conn. Wolcott, Oliver, Jr. Born January 4, 1760 died June 1, 1833 buried at East Litchfield, Conn.

Wolcott, Capt. Samuel. Died October 27, 1852 aged 87 buried In Agawam Center Cemetery, Mass.

Wolfe, Philip. Buried in Jackson Township, N. C. Entered the Revolutionary War from Cabarras County, N. C.

Woodard, Artimus. Died October 1845 aged 87 buried at Halifax, Vt . Served in Massachusetts continental lines was a pensioner.

Woodruff, Charles. Born 1718 died September 12, 1802 buried at Morris, Conn.

Woodruff, Jacob. Born 1717 died December 21, 1790 buried at Morris, Conn. Woodruff, James. Born August 21, 1749 died April 3, 1813 buried at Morris, Conn.

Woods, George. Born 1746 died August, 1819 aged 73 buried in Center Hill Cemetery, Center County, Pa. Grave marked with suitable stone.

Wooster, Lemuel. Born 1757 died October 1, 1832 buried at West Litchfield, Conn.

Wright, Jonathan. Born 1746 died April 15, 1836 buried at Milton, Conn.

Young, Robert. Buried at old home near Union, S. C.

Young, Maj. Thomas. Buried at Union Cemetery, Union, S. C.

Zwears, Daniel. Born about 1744 died December, 1819 buried at Dummerston, Vt. Served under Capt. Blakeslee.

Arkansas Cemetery Records

    Arkansas Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Arkansas county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we provide only a partial listing.

      Magnolia, Columbia Conway, Faulkner London, Pope West Helena, Phillips — Chalybeat Springs, P e r s o n , Columbia BARLOW, Evenezer, Frazier, MT. Vernon, Westem, Miller, Salem, Sharmon, Sawrna, Oak Grove, Pleasant Hill, Price, L. 0, 0. F, Hartford Memorial Park Cemeteries, etc. FHB

    Sons of Liberty

    Though Adams wasn’t very good with money, he was a good writer. He and some friends started their own short-lived newspaper, The Public Advertiser, which published Adams’ opinion pieces. He used that opportunity to exhort other Bostonians to cherish and protect their personal freedom.

    Adams’ voice became more prominent in the mid-1760s, when the British government tried to pay off debt from the Seven Years War by imposing new taxes upon the American colonists. While others merely grumbled about the economic harm, Adams argued in print that the British were violating the colonists’ rights, because they were being taxed without representation in Parliament. He denounced the Stamp Act, a 1765 tax law, as an attempt “to destroy the liberties of America as with one blow.”

    That same year, Adams was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives, an office he would hold for nine years. Around that time, he also joined a secretive group of activists called the Loyal Nine, which eventually evolved into a more radical organization called the Sons of Liberty.

    When British troops arrived in Boston in 1768, Adams became more heavily involved in organizing resistance against the Crown. He wrote scores of newspaper articles under pen names, attacking the British. He also pressured Boston merchants to boycott British goods.

    About us

    With the number of members exceeding 200, we observe three major groups and seven smaller groups of matching signatures and matching haplogroups. We have one set of "Unassigned" participants who do not yet connect together or with the others. Family Pedigree information for the members of each of the groups is provided at the bottom of this summary.

    (1) Two of the groups are believed to represent descendants of two unrelated early 17th century Dutch immigrants to New Amsterdam (New York). Their genealogical paper trail identifies the separate family patriarchs as Adam Brouwer Berkhoven (

    1620-1693) and Johannes Brouwer of Flatlands (

    1628-1702). Each family has been able to determine their ancestral haplotype (the genetic signature of the earliest known ancestor) and haplogroup. These results already show how effective DNA testing can be. DNA evidence has revealed that although the two immigrant ancestors have the same surname, and lived in the same region at the same time, they are unrelated and have not had a common ancestor in thousands of years -- contrary to erroneous beliefs passed down in genealogical pedigrees for over 200 years.

    For more information see the article published in the New York Genealogy and Biographical record Vol 138, No.4, (2007) “DNA Analysis: Adam Brouwer Berckhoven, Elias Brouwer of New Jersey, and John Brewer of Ohio.” and a Compiled Genealogy for “Jan Brouwer of Flatlands and Descendants.” More detailed results for these families are available on the updated web pages at the ADAM BROUWER SITE and Descendants of JAN BROUWER

    NOTE: Sharing of research and family information among the matched members has helped some individuals extend their pedigree three or more generations and clear up mistaken connections, while others have discovered connections they were previously unaware of. DNA testing has proved a fruitful genealogical tool for all of us. You may contact and share information with participants in this project by joining the project and taking the Y- DNA test yourself.

    (2) Two additional groups, Brewer/Lanier and Ambrose Brewer appear to represent descendants of early 18th century Brewer immigrants, generally of English descent, to southeast America, i.e the southern colonies of Virginia and North Carolina. They both claimed circumstantial evidence of a connection with a George and Sarah Lanier Brewer. However, the DNA evidence showed the two lines to be unrelated. For thirty years or more, family researchers have been stymied in their efforts to validate their purported descent from one of the nine sons of George Brewer mentioned in his will.

    Now for the first time the Brewer/Lanier subgroup has three descendants of George Brewer who have been able to not only establish their genealogical paper trail back to the founder but, as a result of BIG Y DNA tests, validate that paper trail. This breakthrough for the Brewer/Lanier family group, is a continuation of our Brewer DNA project efforts to resolve genealogical problems by making use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology introduced by FTDNA in 2013 called “BIG Y” providing massive sequencing of the Y-Chromosome at reasonable cost.

    The Ambrose Brewer family group, based on matching Y-DNA results and (unverified) pedigrees, are believed to be descended from Ambrose Brewer (1753-1855), possibly of Brunswick Co., VA. who is considered a likely familial, but not genetic, descendant of George Brewer or one of his sons. Traditional genealogical research for documentary evidence is still the key here, supported by the indisputable evidence of close genetic relationship among the Ambrose Brewer descendants.

    Also of interest is a web site by James H. Brewer posted here providing data on the early descendants of George Brewer and Sarah Lanier who migrated from North Carolina to Wayne and Lawrence Counties in Tennessee.

    (3) The Un assigned group seems, so far, to represent various independent families arriving in later waves of immigration from a variety of locations. It is anticipated that as participants are added, these “unassigned” members will find matching signatures placing them within additional separate ancestral branches.

    (4) All members have obtained insight into their own “Deep” ancestry , prehistoric origins and geographic migrations, by learning their Haplogroup assignment. Our Brewer surname members represent Haplogroups I1, I2b1, E-V13 (formerly E3b), R1b, and J2, and so we know those distinct male lines have had no common ancestors for many hundreds of generations.

    FAMILY PEDIGREE INFORMATION: Keyed to Kit Numbers found on the Y-Results page

    NOTICE: The Brewer Surname Project uses Y-DNA test results to identify family groups of genetically related living male participants through their matching haplotypes ( genetic signatures). These signatures are provided by Kit number and color code genetically related family groups under the tab Y-RESULTS. DNA testing can show a definite relationship exists between two or more males and that they share a common ancestor within genealogical time spans, but not with whom or when. Documented genealogical pedigrees add the missing information. The two sets of data (paper trail and DNA results) compliment and support one another.

    On January 13, 2014, we established a web site BREWER DNA PROJECT PEDIGREES listing the pedigrees submitted to the project by the descendants of the family groups listed below. Clicking on any of the highlighted names takes you to the individual pedigree page for that family group.

    1) JAN BROUWER of Flatlands, NY color coded Yellow in the Y-DNA results chart. This group, which belongs to Haplogroup I2b1 (concentrated in western, north-central and Scandanavia), descends from a 1656/7 immigrant to New Amsterdam from Holland. Jan and wife Jannetje settled in Flatlands, Long Island where they raised their family. Two members are related to the American descendants of Jan Brouwer but from a time prior to Jan Brouwer's appearance in America. Additional detailed information is found at the website Descendants of JAN BROUWER dedicated to this family group and discusses a unique & rare DNA marker for this group, and much more.

    2) BREWER / LANIER LINE , color coded light blue in the Y-DNA results chart. These participants all have a close DNA match and belong to Haplogroup I1. This is the largest group in the project. Several of them trace back to a George BREWER and Sarah LANIER Brewer family of the early 18th century Virginia colony. Further family information and the individual pedigrees associated with the KIT numbers in this family group are posted for viewing at: BREWER-LANIER SITE . Of interest also is a database web site posted here by Chris Chester providing data on the early descendants of George Brewer and Sarah Lanier who migrated from North Carolina to Wayne and Lawrence Counties in Tennessee.

    3) ADAM BROUWER of Gowanus , color coded Plum in the Y-DNA results chart. These members are all in Haplogroup EV13 (E1b1b1, previously designated E3b), relatively uncommon in northern European haplogroup. (Adam Brouwer's origins are in Cologne, Germany).These participants have a common ancestor in the 17th century immigrant to New Netherlands, Adam Brouwer Berckhoven who with wife Magdelena settled in Gowanus (Brooklyn) on the Western end of Long Island along New York's Upper Bay where the majority of their children were born. Further family information on this family group can be viewed at: ADAM BROUWER SITE

    • AMBROSE BREWER (color coded orchid) - There are seven members in this group, six of who have provided pedigrees. Their haplogroup R1b is the most frequent Y-Chromosome haplogroup found in western Europe. Some descendants show in their pedigrees, an ancestry back to a couple named George Bewer and Sarah Lanier, which is also claimed by the Brewer-Lanier Group as their earliest known ancestors.
    • JACOB BREWER (color coded red) - There are two members in this group, we have pedigrees for both, and would like to see more descendants join. Jacob Brewer lived at Unity, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania, and some descendants went to Ohio and then Indiana during the first half of the 1800s. Jacob Brewer was expanded upon in the post of December 20, 2013, on this website. The descendants belong to the Haplogroup I2b1 which has its highest concentrations in western and north-central Europe (Germany) and Scandinavia (especially Denmark and Sweden).
    • JEREMIAH BREWER (Color coded orange) - There are two members in this group, and both have submitted pedigrees. We need additional descendants who are interested in being tested to join. Jeremiah Brewer was born about 1787 and lived in Chatham Co., North Carolina. The descendants belong to Haplogroup R1b1, the same as the Ambrose Brewer Group listed above. However, there is enough difference between the two groups to assume that any common ancestor pre-dates the colonial period in America.
    • JOEL BREWER (color coded pink) - This group has three members, each a descendant of a different son of Joel Brewer (b. 1826, lived in Polk Co., Georgia). All three have provided us with pedigrees. The descendants also belong to Haplogroup R1b1, but any common ancestor with the Ambrose Brewer or Jeremiah Brewer Groups is far in the past.
    • ARTHUR BREWER (color coded grey) - Five members belong to this group, and four have submitted pedigrees. Of these four, three trace their ancestry to Arthur Brewer, born ca. 1765, perhaps in Martin Co., North Carolina. Each of the three are descendants of different sons of Arthur, and this is exactly the type of data we seek to collect for a project (multiple tests for different lineages from the same common ancestor). The descendants belong to Haplogroup J2 whose largest concentrations are found in western Asia, more specifically in Anatolia (modern Turkey) the nearby Mediterranean region, and the Arabian peninsula.

    Compiling a Pedigree for Submission to the Brewer DNA Project

    The Brewer DNA Project is now in its ninth year and has 226 members. It is a surname project (BREWER, BROWER, BROUWER, BRUER and other variations) that invites males with the just mentioned surnames to join and take a Y-Chromosome DNA test. Females, of course, do not have the Y-Chromosome, but can join by recruiting a close male relative, such as a father, brother or close cousin, with the BREWER (etc.) surname to take the Y-Chromosome DNA test.

    The Y-DNA test results collected since the Project's inception has allowed us to identify eleven unique groups of BREWERs who are closely related genetically within each group, but who are significantly different, or unrelated, to the other groups. In addition we have about 50 individuals, who despite having the surname BREWER (etc.) have yet to find a Y-DNA match with any other male currently in the Project. While the genetic data reported by each individual's Y-DNA test helps us to create these various groups, the only way we can give each group a name (Adam Brouwer, Adam Brown Brewer, Ambrose Brewer, and so on) is by collecting pedigrees of the direct paternal ancestry of the males who have taken the Y-DNA test. Without a associated pedigree, the Y-DNA results of any individual's Y-DNA test is of very limited value. Most of those who join the Project do so because they have run into a brick wall only a few generations back in their paternal ancestry. If we are to be in anyway helpful to you as someone who joins the Project for the purpose of solving a paternal ancestry problem, we will need a pedigree.

    When we ask a new member for a pedigree, what we are asking for, is a direct paternal ancestry for the male being tested, back to the earliest paternal ancestor that can be reliably proved and supported by traditional genealogical research. We post the pedigrees online (we do not include data on living persons) so that comparisons in the actual ancestry between tested participants who have close genetic matches, can be easily viewed by all those who are interested. The pedigrees that have been posted online can be used as an example, or a template, for what we would like to receive from every new Project member. Pedigrees for ten of the identified groups (and some ungrouped participants) can be found at the Brewer DNA Project Pedigrees website. Each group has a separate page which is accessed by a link in the column on the left. To get an idea of what the pedigree you will be submitted should look like, select one of the groups and you will be taken to the group's page. For example, here is the Jan Brouwer Group Pedigrees.

    1. Name of the name of the direct paternal ancestor the name of his wife.
    2. Date and place of birth and death. (It is advisable to also include this for the spouse).
    3. Date and place of marriage.

    When compiling the pedigree, please use the NGS "Standards for Sound Genealogical Research." If you are using a published compiled genealogy as a source (this includes accepted D.A.R. and S.A.R. lineages), it is advised that you check each and every claim in that source by locating original records. In other words, look for and find vital records and church records to confirm dates and places, and probate and estate records, and/or land and court records, to confirm relationships between generations. We do not need you to submit all of these records to us, but you should use them to ensure that your own pedigree is accurate. And, if a question of an error in your pedigree does come up, you should have the needed records or documents at your disposal to address the specific concern.

    It is suggested that you submit as your Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA) only the paternal ancestor that can be proved using traditional genealogical research methods. For example, your Y-DNA test may indicate that you are certainly a genetic ancestor of Adam Brouwer, however, if your traditional research only proves your ancestry back a few generations, or not quite all the way back to Adam Brouwer (perhaps one or two generations shy), only show in your pedigree that EKA that can actually be proved. Take a look at the Adam Brouwer pedigree pagefor an example. We know, by Y-DNA testing, that everyone included on this page is a descendant of Adam Brouwer. Yet some, such as kit #182867, or #293571, can only prove their pedigree back to an EKA who lived sooner in time. In both cases, the submitter compiled a pedigree that only went as far back as the ancestor they could prove.

    Please differentiate between what is proven and what is strongly suggested by circumstantial evidence. If you look at kit #s 65385, 77803, 188348, and 285309, you will see that the pedigrees can be proved back to no. 4, Jeremiah Brower/Brewer, and all though we cannot prove the pedigrees the rest of the way back to Adam Brouwer, strong circumstantial evidence suggests a very likely ancestry from no. 4 back to Adam Brouwer (no. 1). In these pedigrees we included the unproven but strongly believed generations, in italics. This is acceptable so long as that circumstantial evidence is strong.

    You, the participant, are spending a few hundred dollars on your Y-Chromosome DNA test. By also submitting a carefully researched and compiled pedigree you will help improve your chances of finding that brick wall paternal ancestor. In other words it will help improve the chances that you get your money's worth out of your purchase. It will also add to the body of knowledge that is being collected on the various BREWER (etc.) families. That in turn will help confirm and strengthen existing pedigrees and will help future participants locate their correct pedigrees.

    John Calvin

    "I labored at the task [writing The Institutes] especially for our Frenchmen, for I saw that many were hungering and thirsting after Christ and yet that only a few had any real knowledge of him."

    With his brother and sister and two friends, John Calvin fled Catholic France and headed to the free city of Strasbourg. It was the summer of 1536 Calvin had recently converted to the "evangelical" faith and had just published The Institutes of the Christian Religion, which articulated his Protestant views. He was a wanted man.

    The party put up at an inn in Geneva, and word quickly passed to local church leader William Farel that the author of The Institutes was in town. Farel was ecstatic. He was desperate for help as he strove to organize a newly formed Protestant church in town. He rushed to the inn and pleaded with Calvin, arguing it was God's will he remain in the city.

    Calvin said he was staying only one night. Besides, he was a scholar not a pastor. Farel, baffled and frustrated, swore a great oath that God would curse all Calvin's studies unless he stayed in Geneva.

    Calvin, a man of tender conscience, later reflected on this moment: "I felt as if God from heaven had laid his mighty hand upon me to stop me in my course&mdashand I was so terror stricken that I did not continue my journey."

    To this day, Calvin's name is associated, for good and for ill, with the city of Geneva. And Calvin's belief in God's election is his theological legacy to the church.

    The "whole sum of godliness"

    Calvin was born in 1509 in Noyon, France. His father, a lawyer, planned a career in the church for his son, and by the mid-1520s, Calvin had become a fine scholar. He spoke proficient Latin, excelled at philosophy, and qualified to take up the intensive study of theology in Paris.

    Suddenly, though, his father changed his mind and decided John should achieve greatness in law. John acquiesced, and the next five or six years saw him at the University of Orleans, attaining distinction in a subject he did not love. During these years, he dipped into Renaissance humanism. He learned Greek, read widely in the classics, and added Plato to the Aristotle he already knew. He developed a taste for writing so that by age 22, he had published a commentary on Seneca's De Clementia.

    Then word of Luther's teaching reached France, and his life made an abrupt turn, though his own account is reticent and vague:

    "He [God] tamed to teachableness a mind too stubborn for its years&mdashfor I was strongly devoted to the superstitions of the papacy that nothing less could draw me from such depths of mire. And so this mere taste of true godliness that I received set me on fire with such a desire to progress that I pursued the rest of my studies more coolly, although I did not give them up altogether."

    He became marked out as a "Lutheran," and, when persecution arose in Paris (where he had returned to teach), he sought refuge in Basel. There he penned the first edition of a book that was to affect Western history as much as any other.

    The Institutes of the Christian Religion was intended as an elementary manual for those who wanted to know something about the evangelical faith&mdash"the whole sum of godliness and whatever it is necessary to know about saving doctrine." Calvin later wrote, "I labored at the task especially for our own Frenchmen, for I saw that many were hungering and thirsting after Christ and yet that only a very few had any real knowledge of him."

    In The Institutes, Calvin outlined his views on the church, the sacraments, justification, Christian liberty, and political government. His unique and overarching theme is God's sovereignty. He taught that original sin eradicated free will in people. Only by God's initiative can anyone begin to have faith and thus experience assurance of salvation.


    First complete Hebrew Old Testament

    Work begins on new St. Peter&rsquos in Rome

    King James Version of Bible published

    In this and later editions, Calvin developed the doctrines of predestination, or election. More importantly, he argued for the indefectability of grace&mdashthat is, grace will never be withdrawn from the elect. This was Calvin's pastoral attempt to comfort new believers. In medieval Catholicism, believers remained anxious about their spiritual destinies and were required to perform more and more good works to guarantee their salvation. Calvin taught that once a believer understands he is chosen by Christ to eternal life, he will never have to suffer doubt again about salvation: "He will obtain an unwavering hope of final perseverance (as it is called), if he reckons himself a member of him who is beyond hazard of falling away."

    God's city

    After fleeing France to escape persecution, Calvin settled in Geneva at Farel's bidding. But after a mere 18 months, he and Farel were banished from the city for disagreeing with the city council. Calvin headed again for Strasbourg, where he pastored for three years and married Idellete de Bure, the widow of an Anabaptist, who brought with her two children.

    By 1541 Calvin's reputation had spread: he wrote three other books and revised his Institutes. (Still more revisions came in 1550 and 1559, eventually amounting to 80 chapters.) He had become close friends with leading Reformers like Martin Bucer and Philip Melanchthon. He was asked to return to Geneva by city authorities, and he spent the rest of his life trying to help establish a theocratic society.

    Calvin believed the church should faithfully mirror the principles laid down in Holy Scripture. In his Ecclesiastical Ordinances he argued that the New Testament taught four orders of ministry: pastors, doctors, elders, and deacons. Around these, the city was organized.

    Pastors conducted the services, preached, administered the Sacraments, and cared for the spiritual welfare of parishioners. In each of the three parish churches, two Sunday services and a catechism class were offered. Every other weekday, a service was held&mdashlater on, every day. The Lord's Supper was celebrated quarterly.

    The doctors, or teachers, lectured in Latin on the Old and New Testaments usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The audience consisted mainly of the older schoolboys and ministers, but anyone could attend.

    In every district, elders kept an eye on spiritual affairs. If they saw that so-and-so was frequently the worse for drink, or that Mr. X beat his wife, or that Mr. Y and Mrs. Z were seeing too much of each other, they admonished them in a brotherly manner. If the behavior didn't cease, they reported the matter to the Consistory, the church's governing body, which would summon the offender. Excommunication was a last resort and would remain in force until the offender repented.

    Finally, social welfare was the charge of the deacons. They were the hospital management board, social security executives, and alms-house supervisors. The deacons were so effective, Geneva had no beggars.

    The system worked so well for so many years that when John Knox visited Geneva in 1554, he wrote a friend that the city "is the most perfect school of Christ that ever was in the earth since the days of the apostles."

    Unofficial authoritarian

    Calvin, for his part, preached twice every Sunday and every day of alternate weeks. When not preaching, he lectured as the Old Testament professor three times a week. He took his place regularly on the Consistory, which met every Thursday. And he was either on committees or incessantly being asked for advice about matters relating to the deacons.

    He was in no way the ruler or dictator of Geneva. He was appointed by the city council and paid by them. He could at any time have been dismissed by them (as he had been in 1538). He was a foreigner in Geneva, not even a naturalized citizen, until near the end of his life. His was a moral authority, stemming from his belief that, because he proclaimed the message of the Bible, he was God's ambassador, with divine authority behind him. As such, he was involved in much that went on in Geneva, from the city constitution to drains and heating appliances.

    His role in the infamous execution of Michael Servetus in 1553, then, was not an official one. Servetus fled to Geneva to escape Catholic authorities: he had denied the Trinity, a blasphemy that merited death in the 1500s all over Europe. Geneva authorities didn't have any more patience with heresy than did Catholics, and with the full approval of Calvin, they put Servetus to the stake.

    Calvin drove himself beyond his body's limits. When he could not walk the couple of hundred yards to church, he was carried in a chair to preach. When the doctor forbade him to go out in the winter air to the lecture room, he crowded the audience into his bedroom and gave lectures there. To those who would urge him to rest, he asked, "What? Would you have the Lord find me idle when he comes?"

    His afflictions were intensified by opposition he sometimes faced. People tried to drown his voice by loud coughing while he preached others fired guns outside the church. Men set their dogs on him. There were even anonymous threats against his life.

    Calvin's patience gradually wore away. Even when he was patient, he was too unsympathetic sometimes. He showed little understanding, little kindness, and certainly little humor.

    Calvin finally wore out in 1564. But his influence has not. Outside the church, his ideas have been blamed for and credited with (depending on your view) the rise of capitalism, individualism, and democracy. In the church, he has been a major influence on leading figures such as evangelist George Whitefield and theologian Karl Barth, as well as entire movements, such as Puritanism.

    Day to day, church bodies with the names "Presbyterian" or "Reformed" (and even some Baptist groups) carry forward his legacy in local parishes all over the world.

    Order of Battle - Confederate

    40th Georgia, Col. Abda Johnson, Lt. Col. Robert M. Young
    41st Georgia, Col. William E. Curtiss
    42d Georgia, Col. Robert J. Henderson
    43d Georgia, Col. Skidmore Harris (k), Capt. Mathadeus M. Grantham
    52d Georgia, Col. Charles D. Phillips (m), Maj. John J. Moore
    Pettus Flying Artillery, Lt. Milton H. Trantham
    Company A, Pointe Coupee Artillery, Lt. John Yoist
    Company C, Pointe Coupee Artillery, Capt. Alexander Chust

    2d Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Alfred Cumming

    34th Georgia, Col. James A.W. Johnson
    36th Georgia, Col. Jesse A. Glenn, Maj. Charles E. Broyles
    39th Georgia, Col. Joseph T. McConnel (w), Lt. Col. J.F.B. Jackson
    56th Georgia, Col. Elihu P. Watkins (w), Lt. Col. John T. Slaughter
    57th Georgia, Lt. Col. Cincinnatus S. Guyton, Col. William Barkuloo
    Cherokee Georgia Artillery, Capt. Max Van Den Corput

    3d Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Edward D. Tracy (k)
    Col. Isham W. Garrott*
    Brig. Gen. Stephen D. Lee

    20th Alabama, Col. Isham W. Garrott (k), Col. Edmund W. Pettus
    23d Alabama, Col. Franklin K. Beck
    30th Alabama, Col. Sharles M. Shelley, Capt. John C. Francis
    31st Alabama, Col. Daniel R. Hundley (w), Lt. Col. Thomas M. Arrington, Maj. George W. Mathieson
    46th Alabama, Col. Michael L. Woods (c), Capt. George E. Brewer
    Waddell's Alabama Battery, Capt. James F. Waddell

    *Garrott was killed on June 7, 1863. His commission as a brigadier general, dated May 28, 1863, arrived after his death.

    4th Brigade
    Col. Alexander W. Reynolds

    3d Tennessee (Provisional Army), Col. Newton J. Lillard
    31st Tennessee, Col. William M. Bradford
    43d Tennessee, Col. James W. Gillespie
    59th Tennessee, Col. William L. Eaken
    3d Maryland Battery, Capt. Ferd. O. Claiborne (k), Capt. John B. Rowan

    Waul's Texas Legion
    Col. Thomas N. Waul

    1st Infantry Battalion, Maj. Eugene S. Bolling
    2d Infantry Battalion, Lt. Col. James Wrigley
    Zouave Battalion, Capt. J.B. Fleitas
    Cavalry Detachment, Lt. Thomas J. Cleveland
    Artillery Company, Capt. J.Q. Waul

    Company C. 1st Tennessee Cavalry, Capt. Richard S. Vandyke
    Botetourt Virginia Artillery, Capt. John W. Johnston, Lt. Francis G. Obenchain
    Signal Corps Detachment, Lt. C.H. Barrott


    1st Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Louis Hebert

    3d Louisiana, Lt. Col. Samuel D. Russell, Maj. David Pierson (w)
    21st Louisiana, Col. Isaac W. Patton,
    22d Louisiana (detachment), Col. Charles H. Herrick (mw), Lt. Col. John T. Plattsmier
    36th Mississippi, Col. William W. Witherspoon
    37th Mississippi, Col. Orlando S. Holland
    38th Mississippi, Col. Preston Brent, Capt. Daniel B. Seal
    43d Mississippi, Col. Richard Harrison
    7th Mississippi Infantry Battalion, Capt. A.M. Dozier
    Company C, 2d Alabama Artillery Battalion, Capt. T.K. Emanuel (k), Lt. John R. Sclater
    Appeal Arkansas Artillery, Capt. William N. Hogg, Lt. Christopher C. Scott, Lt. R.N. Cotten

    2d Brigade
    Brig. Gen. John C. Moore

    37th Alabama, Col. James F. Dowdell
    40th Alabama, Col. John H. Higley
    42d Alabama, Col. John W. Portis, Lt. Col. Thomas C. Lanier
    35th Mississippi, Col. William S. Barry, Lt. Col. Charles R. Jordan
    40th Mississippi, Col. Wallace B. Colbert
    2d Texas, Col. Ashbel Smith
    Companies A,C,D,E, G, I, and K, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery ,Col. William T. Withers
    Sengstak's Alabama Battery, Capt. Henry H. Sengstak
    Company B, Pointe Coupee Artillery, Capt. William A. Davidson


    Maj. Gen. Martin Luther Smith

    Baldwin's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. William E. Baldwin

    17th Louisiana, Col. Robert Richardson
    31st Louisiana, Lt. Col. Sidney H. Griffin (k), Lt. Col. James W. Draughon
    4th Mississippi, Lt. Col. Thomas N. Adaire (w), Capt. Thomas P. Nelson
    46th Mississippi, Col. Claudius W. Sears
    Tobin's Tennessee Battery, Capt. Thomas F. Tobin

    Shoup's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Francis A. Shoup

    26th Louisiana, Col. Winchester Hall (w), Lt. Col. William C. Crow
    27th Louisiana, Col. Leon D. Marks (k), Lt. Col. L.L. McLaurin (k), Capt. Joseph T. Hatch
    29th Louisiana, Col. Allen Thomas
    McNally's Arkansas Battery, Capt. Francis McNally

    Vaughn's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. John C. Vaughn

    60th Tennessee, Capt. J.W. Bachman
    61st Tennessee, Lt. Col. James G. Rose
    62d Tennessee, Col. John A. Rowan

    **Mississippi State Troops

    5th Regiment, MST, Col. H.C. Robinson
    3d Battalion, MST, Lt. Col. Thomas A. Burgis
    **Under General Vaughn's command.

    14th Mississippi Light Artillery Battalion, Maj. Matthew S. Ward
    Smyth's Company Mississippi Partisan Rangers, Capt. J.S. Smyth
    Signal Corps Detachment, Capt. M.T. Davison


    1st (Missouri) Brigade
    Col. Francis M. Cockrell

    1st Missouri, Col. Amos C. Riley
    2d Missouri, Lt. Col. Pembroke Senteny (k), Maj. Thomas M. Carter
    3d Missouri, Lt. Col. Finley L. Hubbard (mw), Col. William L. Gause, Maj. James K. McDowell
    5th Missouri, Lt. Col. Robert S. Bevier, Col. James McCown
    6th Missouri, Col. Eugene Erwin (k), Maj. Stephen Cooper
    Guibor's Missouri Battery, Capt. Henry Guibor, Lt. William Corkery, Lt. Cornelius Heffernan
    Landis' Missouri Battery, Capt. John C. Landis, Lt. John M. Langan
    Wade's Missouri Battery, Lt. Richard C. Walsh

    2d Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Martin E. Green (k)
    Col. Thomas P. Dockery

    15th Arkansas, Lt. Col. William W. Reynolds, Capt. Caleb Davis
    19th Arkansas, Col. Thomas P. Dockery, Capt. James K. Norwood
    20th Arkansas, Col. D.W. Jones
    21st Arkansas, Col. Jordan E. Cravens, Capt. A. Tyler
    1st Arkansas Cavalry Battalion (dismounted), Capt. John J. Clark
    12th Arkansas Sharpshooters Battalion, Capt. Griff Bayne, Lt. John S. Bell
    1st Missouri Cavalry (dismounted), Col. Elijah Gates, Maj. William C. Parker
    3d Missouri Cavalry (dismounted), Lt. Col. D. Todd Samuel, Capt. Felix Lotspeich
    3d Missouri Battery, Capt. William E. Dawson
    Lowe's Missouri Battery, Capt. Schyler Lowe, Lt. Thomas B. Catron

    1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery, Col. Charles A. Fuller, Lt. Col. Daniel Beltzhoover
    8th Louisiana Hevy Artillery Battalion, Maj. Frederick N. Ogden
    22d Louisiana (detachment), Capt. Samuel Jones
    1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery, Col. Andrew Jackson, Jr.
    ***Caruthers' Tennessee Battery, Capt. J.B. Caruthers
    ***Johnston's Tennessee Battery, Capt. T.N. Johnston
    ***Lynch's Tennessee Battery, Capt. John P. Lynch
    Company L, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery, Capt. Samuel C. Bains

    ***These three companies were attached to the 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery.

    54th Alabama, Lt. Joel P. Abney
    6th Mississippi (detachment), Maj. J.R. Stevens
    City Guards, Capt. E.B. Martin
    Signal Corps Detachment, Capt. C.A. King



    Maj. Gen. John C. Breckinridge

    Adam's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Daniel W. Adams

    32d Alabama, Lt. Col. Henry Maury
    13th and 20th Louisiana (Consolidated), Col. Augustus Reichard
    16th and 25th Louisiana (Consolidated), Col. Daniel Gober
    19th Louisiana, Col. Wesley P. Winans
    14th Louisiana Sharpshooters Battalion, Maj. John E. Austin

    Helm's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Benjamin H. Helm

    41st Alabama, Col. Martin L. Stansel
    2d Kentucky, Lt. Col. James W. Hewitt
    4th Kentucky, Col. Joseph P. Nuckols, Lt. Col. John A. Adair
    6th Kentucky, Lt. Col. Martin H. Cofer
    9th Kentucky, Col. John W. Caldwell

    Stovall's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Marcellus A. Stovall

    1st and 3d Florida (Consolidated), Col. William S. Dilworth
    4th Florida, Col. Edward Badger
    47th Georgia, Col. George W.M. Williams
    60th North Carolina, Col. Washington M. Hardy, Lt. Col. James M. Ray

    Johnston (Tennessee) Artillery, Capt. John W. Mebane
    Cobb's Kentucky Battery, Capt. Robert Cobb
    5th Company, Washington Artillery, Capt. Cuthbert H. Slocomb


    McNair's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Evander McNair

    1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Col. Robert W. Harper, Lt. Col. Daniel H. Reynolds
    2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted), Col. J. A. Williamson
    4th Arkansas, Col. Henry G. Bunn
    25th and 31st Arkansas (Consolidated), Col. Thomas H. McCray
    39th North Carolina, Col. David Coleman

    Maxey's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Samuel B. Maxey

    4th Louisiana, Lt. Col. William F. Pennington, Col. Samuel E. Hunter
    30th Louisiana (battalion), Lt. Col. Thomas Shields
    42d Tennessee, Lt. Col. Isaac N. Hulme
    46th and 55th Tennessee (Consolidated), Col. Alexander J. Brown, Lt. Col. Gideon B. Black
    48th Tennessee, Col. William M. Voorhees
    49th Tennessee, Maj. David A. Lynn
    53d Tennessee, Lt. Col. John R. White
    1st Texas Sharpshooter Battalion, Maj. James Burnet

    Evan's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Nathan G. Evans

    17th South Carolina, Col. Fitz William McMasters
    18th South Carolina, Col. William H. Wallace
    22d South Carolina, Lt. Col. James O'Connell
    23d South Carolina, Col. Henry L. Benbow
    26th South Carolina, Col. Alexander D. Smith
    Holcombe Legion, Lt. Col. William J.Crawley, Maj. Martin G. Zeigler

    Fenner's (Louisiana) Battery, Capt. Charles E. Fenner
    Macbeth (South Carolina) Artillery, Lt. B.A. Jeter
    Culpeper's (Sdouth Carolina) Battery, Capt. James F. Culpeper


    Maj. Gen. William W. Loring
    Adams' Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Lloyd Tilghman (k)
    Col. Arthur E. Reynolds
    Brig. Gen. John Adams

    1st Confederate Battalion, Lt. Col. George H. Forney
    6th Mississippi, Col. Robert Lowry
    14th Mississippi, Lt. Col. Washington L. Doss
    15th Mississippi, Col. Michael Farrell
    20th Mississippi, Col. Daniel R. Russell, Lt. Col. William N. Brown
    23d Mississippi, Col. Joseph M. Wells
    26th Mississippi, Col. Arthur E. Reynolds, Maj. Tully F. Parker
    Lookout (Tennessee) Artillery, Capt. Robert L. Barry

    Buford's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Abraham Buford

    27th Alabama, Col. James Jackson
    35th Alabama, Col. Edward Goodwin
    54th Alabama, Col. Alpheus Baker, Maj. T.H. Shackelford
    55th Alabama, Col. John Snodgrass
    9th Arkansas, Col. Isaac L. Dunlop
    3d Kentucky, Col. Albert P. Thompson
    7th Kentucky, Col. Edward Crossland
    8th Kentucky, Col. Hylan B. Lyon, Lt. Col. A.R. Shacklett
    12th Louisiana, Col. Thomas M. Scott
    3d Missouri Cavalry (dismounted), Lt. Col. D. Todd Samuels
    Company A, Pointe Coupee Artillery, Capt. Alcide Bouanchaud

    Featherston's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston
    Col. John A. Orr

    3d Mississippi, Col. Thomas A. Mellon, Maj. Samuel A. Dyer
    22d Mississippi, Col. Frank S. Schaller, Lt. Col. H.J. Reid
    31st Mississippi, Col. John A. Orr, Lt. Col. Marcus D.L. Stephens
    33d Mississippi, Col. David W. Hurst
    1st Mississippi Sharpshooter Battalion, Maj. William A. Rayburn, Maj. James M. Stigler
    Charpentier's Alabama Battery, Capt. Stephen Charpentier
    Company C, 14th Mississippi Artillery Battalion, Capt. J. Culbertson


    Maj. Gen. William H.T. Walker

    Ector's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Matthew D. Ector

    9th Texas, Lt. Col. Miles A. Dillard
    10th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Lt. Col. C.R. Earp
    14th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Col. John L. Camp
    32d Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Col. Julius A. Andrews
    Battalion, 43d Mississippi, Capt. M. Pounds
    Battalion, 40th Alabama, Maj. Thomas O. Stone
    McNally's Arkansas Battery, Lt. F.A. Moore

    Gregg's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. John Gregg

    3d Tennessee, Col. Calvin H. Walker
    10th Tennessee, Lt. Col. William Grace
    30th Tennessee, Col. Randall MacGavock (k), Lt. Col. James .J. Turner
    41st Tennessee, Col. Robert Farquharson
    50th Tennessee, Lt. Col. Thomas W. Beaumont (w), Col. Cyrus A. Sugg
    1st Tennessee Infantry Battalion, Maj. Stephen H. Colms
    7th Texas, Col. Hiram B. Granbury
    Bledsoe's Missouri Battery, Capt. Hiram M. Bledsoe

    Gist's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Gist

    46th Georgia, Col. Peyton H. Colquitt
    8th Georgia, Capt. Zachariah L. Watters
    16th South Carolina, Col. James McCullough
    24th South Carolina, Col. C.H. Stevens
    Ferguson's South Carolina Battery, Capt. T.B. Ferguson

    Wilson's Brigade
    Col. Claudius C. Wilson

    25th Georgia, Lt. Col. Andrew J. Williams
    29th Georgia, Col. William J. Young
    30th Georgia, Col. T.W. Mangham
    1st Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion, Maj. Arthur Shaaff
    4th Louisiana Infantry Battalion, Lt. Col. John McEnery
    Martin's Georgia Battery, Lt. Evan P. Howell


    Brig. Gen. William H. Jackson

    1st Brigade
    Brig. Gen. George B. Cosby

    1st Mississippi Cavalry, Col. R.A. Pinson
    4th Mississippi Cavalry, Col. James Gordon, Maj. J.L. Harris
    28th Mississippi Cavalry, Col. Peter B. Starke
    Wirt Adams' Mississippi Cavalry, Col. William Wirt Adams
    Ballentine's Mississippi Cavalry, Lt. Col. William L. Maxwell
    17th Mississippi Cavalry Battalion (State Troops), Maj. Abner C. Steede
    Clark's Missouri Battery, Capt. Houston King

    Brig. Gen. John W. Whitfield

    3d Texas Cavalry, Col. Giles S. Boggess
    6th Texas Cavalry, Col. Lawrence S. Ross, Maj. Jack Wharton
    9th Texas Cavalry, Col. Dudley W. Jones
    27th Texas Cavalry (also called 1st Texas Legion), Lt. Col. John H. Broocks
    Bridge's Arkansas Cavalry Battalion, Maj. H.W. Bridges

    Company A, 7th Tennessee Cavalry, Capt. W.F. Taylor
    Independent Company Louisiana Cavalry, Capt. J.Y. Webb
    Provost Guard (Company D 4th Mississippi Cavalry), Capt. James Ruffin

    Reserve Artillery
    Maj. W.C. Preston

    Columbus Georgia Battery, Capt. Edward Croft
    Durrive's Louisana Battery, Capt. E. Durrive, Jr.
    Battery B, Palmetto South Carolina Artillery, Capt. J. Wates




    Maj. Gen. John G. Walker
    McCulloch's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. Henry E. McCulloch

    16th Texas, Col. George Flournoy
    17th Texas, Col. R.T.P. Allen
    19th Texas, Col. Richard Waterhouse
    16th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Lt. Col. E.P. Gregg (w), Maj. W.W. Diamond (w), Capt. J.D. Woods
    Edgar's Battery, Capt. William Edgar

    Hawes' Brigade
    Brig. Gen. James M. Hawes

    13th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Lt. Col. A.F. Crawford
    12th Texas, Col. O. Young
    18th Texas, Lt. Col. D.B. Culbertson
    22d Texas, Col. R. Hubbard
    Halderman's Battery, Capt. Horace Halderman

    Randall's Brigade
    Col. Horace Randal

    11th Texas, Col. O.M. Roberts
    14th Texas, Col. E. Clark
    28th Texas Cavalry (dismounted), Col. E.H. Baxter
    6th Texas Cavalry Battalion (dismounted), Maj. R.S. Gould
    Daniels' Battery, Capt. J.M. Daniels

    Tappan's Brigade
    Brig. Gen. James C. Tappan

    27th Arkansas, Col. J.R. Shaler
    33d Arkansas, Col. H.L. Grinsted
    38th Arkansas, Col. R.G. Shaver

    13th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion, Col. Frank A. Bartlett
    15th Louisiana Cavalry Battalion, Lt. Col. Isaac F. Harrison

    Rocky River Baptist Church Warren County, Tennessee Annotated 1828 Membership List, Primitive Baptist Church

    Mark Mitchell, dec'd -- Mark MITCHELL, born 17 Jan 1754, possibly in England, served in the Revolutionary War, removed to Tennessee before 1793, died 18 Apr 1838, Warren Co, Tennessee married (1) 26 March 1787, St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co, Virginia , Mary RYDER, born 1771, died 1795-1806, Tennessee married (2) probably in Tennessee, 1795-1806, Anna HAWK (See Ann MITCHELL), born 28 Dec 1777 died 12 Oct 1833, Warren Co, Tennessee. (Sources: Bev Lovett, Port Cairo, TX RW Pension Application File No. S38947)

    Sally Johnson dec'd -- Sarah "Sally" COMBS, born 1779, NC or present-day Hawkins, TN, died 1829, Warren Co, TN married Martin JOHNSON, Sr. (See Martin JOHNSON) (Primary Source: Goodspeeds' History of NW AR, biography of her son, Thomas Murrell JOHNSON).

    Aaron Rea, dec'd -- son of Rev John REA (who died about 1811 in Warren Co, TN), married Nancy HOWELL, likely in Patrick Co, VA. Johnita P. Malone

    Simon Combs -- son of Mason and Dorothy UNKNOWN Combs (Jr.) was born ca 1785, NC, d 1831-1833, Warren Co, TN m Martha "Patty" MURRILL (See Patty Combs), born 1782, NC, d 1839, Warren County, Tennessee (Primary sources: 1802 Hawkins Co, TN land trust of Mason COMBS & Kingman Co, KS Biography of Simon & Martha's son, Albert COMBS)

    Ann Mitchell , wife of Mark -- Anna HAWK, born 28 Dec 1777 died 12 Oct 1833, Warren Co, Tennessee married Mark MITCHELL (See Mark MITCHELL). (Sources: Bev Lovett, Port Cairo, TX RW Pension Application File No. S38947)

    Susannah Ledbetter -- Susannah CHESSER, b 1785, d/o James CHESSER, married in Warren or Overton Co, TN, George LEDBETTER, b 1783, North Carolina, d 1863, War Eagle, Madison Co, AR. (See also Franky LEDBETTER) (Primary Sources: Researchers Ken Haughton and [email protected]). James CHESHIR [CHESSER] is on the 1812 Warren County, Tennessee Tax Return of Benjn. LOCKHART.

    Charity Combs -- Charity RHODES, b 1796-1798, North Carolina, d 1860, Kings River, Madison Co, AR m Jeremiah COMBS (See Jeremiah COMBS) (Primary Source: Goodspeeds History of NW AR, biography of son, John D. COMBS)

    Nancy Fleming -- Nancy COMBS, born 25 Nov 1797 died 26 Apr 1881, Llano Co, TX married (1) 1812, Blue Springs Cove, Warren Co, TN, John FLEMMING (See John FLEMING) married (2) 29 May 1861 in Van Buren Co, TN, William NEAL. (Primary Source: Combs-Fleming Bible - partial)

    John Fleming -- born 11 Apr 1790, North Carolina d 1860, Van Buren Co, TN married Nancy COMBS (See Nancy FLEMING) (Primary Source: Combs-Fleming Bible - partial)

    Jeremiah Combs -- son of Mason and Dorothy UNKNOWN Combs (Jr.) born ca 1788 (Russell Co?) Virginia d 1 Feb 1867, Kings River, Madison Co, AR m ca 1810, Warren Co, TN, Charity RHODES (See Charity Combs). (Primary sources: 1802 Hawkins Co, TN land trust of Mason COMBS & Madison Co, AR biography of son, John D. Combs)

    Simon Combs -- son of was born ca 1785, NC, d 1831-1833, Warren Co, TN m Martha “Patty” MURRILL (See Patty Combs), born 1782, NC, d 1839, Warren County, Tennessee (Primary sources: 1802 Hawkins Co, TN land trust of Mason COMBS & Kingman Co, KS Biography of Simon & Martha's son, Albert COMBS)

    Martin Johnson -- Martin JOHNSON, Sr., son of James and Elizabeth? _____ Johnson (Murrell) born 1776-1780, NC or TN died 19 Jan 1851, Madison Co, AR married (1) Sarah COMBS (See Sally JOHNSON) married (2) Mary Ann "Polly" WARREN Hawk (See Polly JOHNSON) (Primary Source: Goodspeeds' History of NW AR, biography of Thomas Murrell JOHNSON & Combs-Johnson-Murrell Genealogy)

    Jacob Drake --son of Isaac and Ruth MURRAY Drake born ca 1802, Tennessee. (See also Ruth DRAKE) (Primary Source: [to be entered]) (Also Note: This may not be the correct Jacob DRAKE)

    Phoeba Drake -- Phoebe 'Feba' RAY, daughter of Rev. John RAY born abt 1790 died Jan 1874, Van Buren Co, TN married Elijah DRAKE, son of Benjamin DRAKE, born 1781 in Pennsylvania or Virginia died 1856, Van Buren County, Tennessee (Primary Source: [to be entered])

    Ruth Drake --Ruth MURRAY, born ca 1775, Pennsylvania d aft 1850, probably in Madison Co, AR married Isaac DRAKE, son of Benjamin DRAKE born ca 1774, Pennsylvania?, d bef 1850, probably in Madison Co, AR. (Sources: [to be entered]) (See also Jacob DRAKE and Phoeba DRAKE)

    Charles Whitely -- Charles Booth WHITELEY, son of Joseph and Sarah STOPPLETON Whiteley born 26 Apr 1800, died 27 Apr 1875, Belton, Bell Co, TX married Sarah CLARK (See Sally WHITELY). (Primary Sources: Johnson Tree with Tangled Branches , Ruth Helen Johnson England, Rt 8, Bob 424, Sparta, Tn Frances Karnes, OK Researcher Eddene Thompson, Vinita, OK)

    Ransom Lane -- Ranson Fitzgerald Lane, born 17 Oct 1784, Greene County, Tennessee, son of Aquilla Lane and Agnes Fitzgerald died About 1835 in Madison County, Arkansas. Although we could not locate his headstone during a visit in October 2007, family information passed along is that he is buried in the Lane Cemetery, Loy, Madison County, Arkansas. This cemetery is not well kept and there are many graves overgrown with vegetation. Also, the person who bought the land removed many of the stones to plow the field. Ranson married Nancy Hall abt. 1811 in Tennessee. She was born Abt. 1790 in England, parents unknown, died abt. 1835 in Madison County, Arkansas, about the same time as her husband. Some family members believed she was also buried in the Lane Cemetery, Loy, Madison County, Arkansas. Sources: Carolyn Sue Lane Lewis (family lore) “Ranson (appears as Ransom in the list) and Nancy Lane, who both appear on this list, were my great great grandparents. Some of the information has been passed down from my aunt Beulah Lane Stephenson, who is now deceased, and some has been gathered from other researchers via”

    Sally Whitely -- Sarah CLARK, born 1800-1810, married Charles WHITELEY (See Charles WHITELY) (Primary Sources: Johnson Tree with Tangled Branches , Ruth Helen Johnson England, Rt 8, Bob 424, Sparta, Tn Frances Karnes, OK Researcher Eddene Thompson, Vinita, OK)

    Patty Combs -- Martha “Patsy” MURRILL, (See Patsy Combs), born 1782, NC, d 1839, Warren Co, TN married 1809, Simon COMBS (See Simon Combs) (Primary source: Kingman Co, KS Biography of Simon & Martha's son, Albert COMBS)

    Tempie Combs -- unidentified, but see 1815 Rocky River, Warren Co, TN Land Grant)

    Isabel Boyd -- Isabel HILLIS, died 12 Oct 1867, Van Buren Co, TN, daughter of John HILLIS, d Scott Co, KY m William BOYD, b 22 Sep 1758, NC, d 1 Apr 1816 (Primary Source: (See 1812 Warren County, Tennessee Tax Return of Benjamin Lockhart).

    Dorothy Johnson -- possibly Dolly, eldest daughter of Martin & Sarah COMBS Johnson

    Leatrice Johnson -- possibly "Tisha" aka "Lishley" Combs, b ca 1780, SC, d aft 1850, probably in Madison Co, AR m William JOHNSON, son of James and Elizabeth? _____ Johnson (Murrell) , and brother to Martin JOHNSON, Sr.. (See also Martin JOHNSON) (Source: Researcher C. Hammett, [email protected]) (See also Combs-Johnson-Murrell Genealogy)

    Jams Gourd -- James GOAD, son of Robert GOAD, Sr. b 1775-1785, died 23 May 1829 married Margaret SHOCKLEY (See Margaret GOURD) (Primary Source: Researcher Faye Sandy, email: TBRV99A) (See also Martha WOOD)

    Margaret Gourd -- Margaret SHOCKLEY, daughter of William or Thomas SHOCKLEY born 1785-1792, died aft 1850, Arkansas married (1) in White or Warren Co, TN, James GOAD (See Jams GOURD) married (2) John FRANKLIN, b abt 1787, North Carolina died after 1850, Arkansas. (Primary Source: Researcher Faye Sandy, email: TBRV99A)

    Shadrach Mooneyham -- born 1750-1760, father of Judah who m John McCARVER. (See John McCarver) Sources: Researcher Wilma Lawrence, Huntsville, AR 1830 Warren County, Tennessee Census, Page 364, Line 11: Mooneyham, Shadrach: 0000100001-001000001

    John McCarver --born ca 1796, Scotland or Tennessee, d aft 1850, Madison Co, Arkansas married ca 1818, in Tennessee, Judith/Judah MOONEYHAM, daughter of Shadrach MOONEYHAM, b ca 1790, North Carolina, d aft 1850, Madison Co, AR. Primary Source: Researcher Wilma Lawrence, Huntsville, AR. (See also Shadrach Mooneyham)

    Polly Johnson -- Mary Ann "Polly" WARREN(?), born 1774-1781, North Carolina d 1860-1869, Madison Co, AR married (1) ca 1800, possibly in Sullivan Co, TN, Jacob HAWK, d 1829, Warren Co, TN married (2) Jun 1829, Warren Co, TN, Martin JOHNSON, Sr. (See Martin JOHNSON)

    Franky Ledbetter --Francis BROOKS, b ca 1762, married Arthur LEDBETTER mother of George LEDBETTER who married Susannah CHESSER. (See also Susannah LEDBETTER)

    Barnett Owens -- born 1805, Wilkes Co, North Carolina married 1829, Warren Co, Tennessee, Mahala COMBS, b 1810, Warren Co, Tennessee, daughter of Simon and Martha MURRILL Combs. Barnett and Mahala COMBS Owens removed to Madison Co, AR between 1840 and 1850. (Primary sources: Researcher Ken Haughton Family Bible in the possession of Lela Brooks, Myrtle Point, OR 1830 & 1840 Census of Warren Co., TN 1850 Madison Co, AR Census Ancestral Files)

    Sarah Bracher (See Allen Bracher)

    Martha Wood --Martha (Margaret?) GOAD, daughter of James and Margaret SHOCKLEY Goad married George WOOD George and Martha (Margaret?) GOAD Wood later removed to Madison Co, Arkansas (nb: Need to recheck source) (See also Jams GOURD and Margaret GOURD)

    Allen Bracher (Bratcher)(Bradshaw), born before 1800, the first son of Canada and Rachel "Biddy" ROBINSON Bratcher, married Sarah (Unknown) owned property in Warren County Tennessee and died 1836, leaving Sarah, Rachel, Allen, Lucenda, Eli Jubilee, Joshua. (Primary Source: Researcher Ben Bratcher, Sources: 1830 Warren Census Death: Probate 1836 Will Book 1, page 219, Warren Co., TN Land: Warren County, Tennessee entry 2311, 1827, survey 1827, book 2, page 43, 100 acres.

    William Neal -- born 10 Nov 1777, Virginia m 19 May 1798, Grainger Co, TN, Hannah JONES (See also Hannah NEAL) (Source: Researcher Sandra Boyse, Warren TN County GenWeb query, 1996)

    Hannah Neal -- born 17 Sep 1773, m William NEAL (See William NEAL) (Source: Researcher Sandra Boyse, Warren TN County GenWeb query, 1996)

    Note: The above is a 'working' copy. Collection of additional data is still in progress, and will be posted as soon as available. Researchers with additional information are requested to email Webmaster. To Warren Co, TNGenWeb
    To Combs &c. Families of Warren Co, TN

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    John Calvin Brewer - History

    Displacement 9,950 Tons, Dimensions, 610' 3" (oa) x 66' 1" x 24' (Max)
    Armament 9 x 8"/55, 8 x 5"/25, 8 x 0.5" 4 Aircraft.
    Armor, 5" Belt, 2 1/2 Turrets, 2 1/2" Deck, 1 1/4 Conning Tower.
    Machinery, 107,000 SHP Geared Turbines, 4 screws
    Speed, 32.7 Knots, Crew 621.
    Operational and Building Data
    Keel laid on 31 MAR 1930 at New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, NJ
    Launched 07 NOV 1931
    Commissioned 15 NOV 1932
    Fate: Torpedoed and sunk 30 JUL 1945 by Japanese submarine I-58

    USS Indianapolis (CL/CA-35) was a Portland-class heavy cruiser of the United States Navy. She was named for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana.

    She was the flagship of Admiral Raymond Spruance while he commanded the Fifth Fleet in battles across the Central Pacific. Her sinking led to the greatest single loss of life at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy. On 30 July 1945, after delivering parts for Little Boy, the first atomic bomb used in combat, to the United States air base at Tinian, the ship was torpedoed by the Imperial Japanese Navy submarine I-58, sinking in 12 minutes. Of 1,196 crewmen aboard, approximately 300 went down with the ship.

    The remaining 900 faced exposure, dehydration, saltwater poisoning, and shark attacks while floating with few lifeboats and almost no food or water. The Navy learned of the sinking when survivors were spotted four days later by the crew of a PV-1 Ventura on routine patrol. Only 317 survived.

    John Calvin Brewer - History

    Snodgrass, Belinda
    Snodgrass, Charity Johnson
    Snodgrass, William
    Soileau, Noel
    Speed, William Wages
    Spiars (Spiers/Spears), John W.
    Spurlock, Allen
    Stampley, Henry
    Stampley, Isaac
    Stampley, Margaret (Mrs.)
    Stanton (Staunton), Malachi
    Stark, Robert (Col.)
    Starnes, Moses
    Steen, Mary B. Enochs
    Steen, Nancy Agnes Lusk
    Steen, Silas
    Stephenson, Jonathan
    Stevens, Joel
    Stevens, John B(rown)
    Stewart, Duncan
    Stewart, Simpson
    Stewart, William
    Stovall, Gilbert
    Stovall, Mary (Polly) Hicks
    Stovall, Ralph
    Stovall, Sarah
    Stowers, John
    Strahan, John, Esqr.
    Strickland, Simeon
    Strong, John
    Strong, Joseph
    Stroope, Jacob
    Stubbs, Peter
    Sturgeon, Robert
    Sumrall, David
    Sumrall, Thomas
    Surget, Pierre (Peter)
    Swayze, Elijah
    Swayze, Richard, Jr.
    Swayze, Richard, Sr.
    Swayze, Samuel (Rev.)
    Swayze, Solomon
    Talbert, Jesse
    Tannehill, George
    Tanner, Robert
    Tate, James
    Taylor, Charles
    Taylor, Daniel
    Taylor, Henry
    Temple, Henry
    Terral, Edward Young, Sr.
    Terrell, Micajah
    Terry, John
    Terry, William
    Therrell, Elijah
    Thomas, James
    Thomas, Jonathan Clarence
    Thomas, William
    Thompson, Jesse
    Thomson (Thompson), Richard
    Thornhill, Joseph
    Thornhill, William
    Throckmorton, Mordecai
    Tidwell, Francis
    Tillman, Daniel
    Tisdale, William Pleasant, Sr.
    Toney, William
    Travis, Simeon
    Travis, Thomas
    Trevillian, Martha Stots
    Trevillian, Richard
    Trevillian, Temple States
    Truly, James
    Truly, Sarah Holt
    Tullos, Willoughby
    Turner, William
    Turpin, White
    Tyler, Moses
    Van Dorn, Peter Aaron
    Vardaman, Jeremiah
    Varnado, Samuel
    Vauchere, Jean Claude
    Ventress, Eliza Ann
    Vick, Newitt
    Vidal, Don Jose
    Wactor, Jacob
    Wade, Benjamin
    Wailes, Elizabeth Biggs (Covington)
    Wailes, Levin C.
    Walker, John
    Walker, John E.
    Walker, Zachariah
    Wall, Howell (Rev.)
    Wall, John Jr.
    Wall, Micajah
    Walworth, John Periander
    Warren, John
    Warren, John, Sr.
    Watkins, Asa
    Watkins, William Hamilton (Rev.)
    Watts, John E. (Evans)
    Watts, Reuben
    Weatherly, John
    Welch, Richard
    Wells, Absalom
    Wells, George
    Wells, Mary Ann
    Wells, Samuel
    Westrope, Richard
    Wheat, William Griffin
    Whitaker, Daniel
    White, Phebe (White)
    White, Thomas, Jr. (Capt.)
    White, Thomas, Sr.
    Whitehead, Edmunds Grey
    Whitehead, William W. (Rev.)
    Whittington, Cornelius
    Whittington, Noah
    Whittington, Richard (Lt.)
    Wilkinson, Ann Herbert (Dent)
    Wilkinson, Hulda Trevillian
    Wilkinson, Joseph Biddle
    Wilkinson, Micajah
    Wilkinson, Stephen
    Williams, Benjamin
    Williams, Electious
    Williams, George Riley
    Williams, John Holley
    Williams, William
    Williford, John
    Willis, Asenath Barnes
    Willis, John (Brigadier Gen.)
    Wilson, Daniel
    Winans, William
    Winborne, Andrew
    Windham, Reuben
    Winfree, Jacob
    Winters, Richard
    Wisdom, Solomon Hiram
    Witherspoon, James
    Wood, James Gillam (Col.)
    Woods, John
    Woods, Ephraim
    Woods, George M.
    Woods, Sebern
    Wren, Woodsen
    Wright, Ann (Nancy)
    Wright, Dorrell
    Wroten, Wiley
    Youngblood, Benjamin

    Watch the video: Shine On - John Calvin Brewer Band Live (May 2022).


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