Armed Forces Museum

Armed Forces Museum

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The Armed Forces Museum is located in an old auto dealership building at 2625 East Broadway in Alton, Illinois. Its mission is to educate the younger members of our society and to remind the general public of the sacrifices made by the men and women who participated in America’s extensive military history.The Alton Depot is dedicated to the preservation of military history from all of our nation's services in all its eras. The museum has an extensive collection of historic military vehicles, aircraft and memorabilia.On display are large collection of military equipment, weapons, vintage uniforms, historical displays, historical books, and a technical-data library.The collection of military vehicles (Veterans of Steel) at the museum includes jeeps, trucks, half-tracks, scout cars, command cars, an armored car, artillery pieces, a DUKW amphibious truck, and an "Alligator" - a large amphibious landing craft used by the Marines in Pacific in World War II.In addition to the normal operations, the museum offers many "Show and Tell" outreach programs which provide vehicles and portable exhibits to schools, scouting jamborees, patriotic events, parades, and veterans’ reunions.

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