Anderson County Museum

Anderson County Museum

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Situated at 202 E. It is the largest county-owned local history museum in South Carolina and is dedicated to providing passive and formal educational opportunities.Th 25,000-square-foot building was reopened in May 2003 and has 12,000 square feet of exhibit space. The exhibits of the museum are arranged in three stages.The exhibits at Stage 1 include the Anderson County Hall of Fame, an interactive Heritage Corridor exhibit that features Anderson’s nine municipalities, the residents, and the activities of the county. In addition, there is a special military exhibit, an agriculture and textile exhibit, and a signature electricity exhibit.Displays at stage 2 are items that depict the medical, military, and religious history of the county.Stage 3 includes exhibits on transportation, media, education, and business.The museum offers tours, gift shop, fun-filled activities, slide show programs, and genealogical research. "Wednesdays with Fred and Ed" is one of the most popular programs in the museum.

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