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Westland Lysander Gallery


WAAF quarters at RAF Oakington

WAAF Issue Clothing

Formation of Lockheed C-60s towing Waco CG-4As

Douglas C-47 towing two Waco CG-4A Gliders

Two Waco CG-4As in Flight

Douglas C-47 picking up Waco CG-4A

Waco CG-13 from the left

Walrus, Supermarine, being launched

Walrus, Supermarine, being retrieved

Walrus, Supermarine, on its launch gear

Washington in 1861

Waterloo, battle of

Wellington DWI, Vickers

Wellington (Vickers) in the fog on Iceland

Wellingtons of No.37 Squadron

Wellington Mk IC, Vickers: Side View

Wellington GR Mk VIII Torpedo Bomber

Wellington, Blenheim and Lancaster: side plans

Churchill at Wesel, 1945

Plans of Westland Welkin

Westland Whirlwind

Westland Whirlwind of No.263 Squadron

West Virginia in 1861

West Virginia in 1861: Detail of central area

West Virginia in 1861: Clickable map

Pearl Harbor: Rescuing survivor near USS West Virginia

USS West Virginia after repairs, c.1944-45

White, Lieutenant General Sir George

Whitley, Armstrong-Whitworth

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.I K7208 with Merlin engines

Wilderness, battle of, 4 May 1864

Wilderness, battle of, 5 May 1864

Wilderness, battle of, 6 May 1864

Wilderness, northern half

Wilderness, southern half

Williamsburg, battle of

Wilson's Creek, battle of, 10 August 1861

Plans of Wittelsbach Pre-Dreadnought Battleships

Wood, General Sir Henry Evelyn, V.C.

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